Sergei Parsyukevich-independent campaigning for candidates

Grodno. With Victor Podchinenkovu so "organized" meeting with voters, that it came only trustees pro-regime opponent
Vitebsk. Right in the city market last political prisoner Sergei Parsyukevich-independent campaigning for candidates. Our report
Retchitsa. Leonid Newar send text messages: forbids superiors to meet with other candidates
In the UDF nominee for the Grodno-Rural constituency number 52 Victor Podchinenkova for the whole of the campaign was not a 1st real date with voters.
"I believe that the candidates are not equal criteria. Government candidate, for example, in Ozerki people during working hours on the collective buses brought to the meeting, and when I came planned to meet with voters, even the director of the club, where a meeting was to be held not told about it. Skidel head teacher in the educational work of the Institute insisted that the meeting took place exactly at 8.30 am, although in different ways, I explained to her that it’s embarrassing. arrived at 8:30, the director said that classes with 8.00 and he did not let students . Eventually I met with 2 proxies my opponent.’s it. "
Human rights activist Vladimir Khilmanovich pays its attention to nezatsikavlenasts company and from the media.
Khilmanovich: "My feeling is that people do not believe neither the authorities nor the opposition. Opposition can be as long as it did not achieve success in the elections. And so the celebration of Makar resonance produced in the towns, and the campaign for the second term. Even Central TV tribute attention is not given a choice, do not hold public debates and discussions. Actually, the company is in a semi-closed mode. "
Last political prisoner Sergei Parsyukevich, which came before the conclusion of the Council of Smolensk business market in Vitebsk, cometh thither information materials-independent candidates — Alexei Gavrutsikava, Branch Kozyrev, Igor Kanygina.
— This is my market, I worked here for a long time, I’ve got all the people know. Here I did not fooled. And so what I say, I think, will carry weight.
Sergei Parsyukevich stops near another shopping kiosk, and starts talking.
— Hi! Do you understand me?
— Well, of course!
— At the moment, there will be elections in the House of Representatives, this legislation
body. Well, that led to the candidate for you to be in parliament to protect business interests. This Igor Kanygin.
— Yes, I beheld his speech, I liked it.
— Here he walks, people encountered. Maybe, God willing, we will.
— I do not believe it! Have all long been painted and counted!
— But with this we will fight.
— Really?
— Necessary to go to the polls only a day of elections. And if you do nothing and do not fight, then nothing ever changed. Because you need to go! Because all you need to also go and vote for our candidate!

Sergei Parsyukevich distribute campaign materials at the Smolensk market

Parsyukevich and recognizable athlete, the candidate Igor Kanygin

Agitates the candidate of "Evrakaalitsyi" Galina Kozyrev (center)

Lena Fomin distributes newsletter "Freedom"

In Rechitza independent candidate for deputy Leonid Newar managed during the campaign meet with voters only 2-societies. With Skrag he appealed to the CEC:
"Got enough fascinating response from Yarmoshina"A candidate for deputy has the right to seek assistance in the organization of meetings with voters only in areas that are defined for this purpose solutions of executive and administrative bodies." Next, she writes: "Business leaders and institutions where the candidate appeals on its own initiative, may, but shall not organize such a meeting in the workforce."
And oh so implemented those tips into practice:
"Other me they say: Contracting with Atamanchuk (Deputy Chairman, Managing Rechykay district election commission), with regional executive committee — we do not mind. Some right they say, even SMSki sent: recommended seeing you are not satisfied. Headmaster number 5 in general stated that they ordered no meetings in schools spending. Defined four meeting places: two in the city and two in the area — there will be able to act. "
The last contract with the sovereign Nevara former chairman of the Council of Agriculture Azershchynskaga Tamara Leshenko. But in the appropriate day Mrs. Leshenko urgently went to a day off. The meeting broke.
What’s new in the campaign fighter Vitaly Karatysh, is registered candidate in the electoral environment Luninets number 13? For each day he has to leave his own in the political report:

Belarus — Vital Karatysh, the democratic activist, 28Aug2008"They call and ask how my company is moving. Politruk A company commander, apparently not just out of curiosity asks: I do not vljapalsja somewhere? For indeed in the case of any administrative offense I have to sit in the brig, and can be even worse — in dysbatse. "
But what goes on ordinary Karatysh election campaign:
"The difficulty there is any, as everywhere else. Certain obstacles may fix the district commission, and often because of their own neprafesiynastsi. Example, believe that personal calendar can not be propaganda products. Due to this, I had had spent a day of time to resolve this issue" .

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