Sergei Smotrichenko: Hooked people move the world

Kalinowski: "Good evening, Sergey! Much work has made you limp and satisfied, is not it?"
Smotrichenko: "In principle, yes."
"Someone drove up and Brno, and now I have met young Belarusians …"
Kalinowski: "Move, please up the festival."
Smotrichenko: "I think that the festival was useful for both Belarusians and Czechs. Do not know for anyone else. More probably still for the Czechs, as they were able to meet with Belarusian literature in a ‘& # 39; extent that such transfers or knowledge of Belarusian literature did not exist until the next time.
For the Belarusian side, I think it was also useful, as someone drove up and Brno, and now I have met young people — 5 people, at least, got just now. Someone watched it through online broadcast or for another year will be be able to download from the Web recordings of performances of those writers who often do not have the ability to perform specific in Belarus. "
Kalinowski: "What was the most difficult in the organization?"
Smotrichenko: "Oddly enough, the most difficult moments were purely formal — care about, that all took the embassy and gave visas fit, that fit to book tickets for trains, buses … Such are uninteresting, nonliterary works."
Kalinowski: "Creatively, everything was wonderful?"
Smotrichenko: "Do not be said that is fine, as one of the organizers, I see some pads, but perfectly that these laths are mostly behold the viewers and listeners. For them it went well."
Presentations will be available on the website of the festival at least a year
Kalinowski: "What is the subsequent fate of those works that have been read and translated into Czech? Maybe if they printed in a collection, whether they’re stored on the web, on the website of the festival?"
Smotrichenko: "These translations already and currently overwhelmingly displayed on the site of the festival in the next cheskamovnay version of the statements, so that the audience could look Bohemian these records and immediately realize what was discussed. Minimum during the year they sagged on the web site — until the next festival, and there will be resolved, or make them into an archive or stsyaruts from memory.
Yet, some translations, of course, will be applied. Now I read almost with one of the editors of the magazine "Host", with which we have agreed to prepare a block of Belarusian poetry for this magazine. In Ostrava, where he performed Vladimir Orlov and Lavon Wolski, in the magazine "Protimluv" very willingly take some texts. In the end, some of the texts already read and published in Czech. We will work on, we’ll see. "
Kalinowski: "Who, in your opinion, in Brno lacked of modern Belarusian writers? Who could regret that did not get there?"
Smotrichenko: "I do not know who could regret that did not get there, as in the preparation of the final list of Belarusian participants of the festival, to the chagrin of their own role — not through unwillingness to go but from practical motives — refused quite a huge amount of people. Among them and Slawomir Adamowicz, who was unable to come to the Czech Republic because no passport, Svetlana Aleksievich Vintses wise, Adam Globus, Lena Bravo, Yury Stankevich … At this point in my head can not hold all, but these people were quite a lot. With their participation, the festival would have looked a little differently, but would not look, think, better or worse. "
"I heard read: pity that Belarusians walked before …"
Kalinowski: "It seems that you appreciate the enthusiasm and the reaction of the Czech public? I know that periodically come more listeners periodically less …"
Smotrichenko: "The enthusiasm was. Naturally, little advertising pakulgvala times — not so much advertising, just before the eyes and ears of some local residents, this information gets completely randomly or not enter at all …
A specific example: July 13 performances of the Belarusian and Czech creator were pamenenyya places as the Czech was created should leave at 8pm. And some spectators who came to look at the Czech creator Paul Kogavta, put Boris Petrovich. And I heard with my own ears, as stated: what a fascinating read, it is a pity that Belarusians walked before, we shall certainly go.
Guests were at least 15, maximum — 70 as of now. They were intrigued by people who go to the literature that do not know and want to taste. And they were that literature is indeed the highest level and is very exciting for them.
But later we must not forget that a lot of viewers and was through the web. Far not everyone can come once a day on one reading and stay there for the entire month, because throughout the Czech Republic, Belarus, Poland, Germany, very many people watched via the web. On this I can say with absolute certainty as to display the statistics of the website visit. "
"In Moravia live my best friends"
Kalinowski: "Sergey, at the Brno festival is one of constant visitors, called Robert, asked every day to all Belarusian creators the same question: how do they relate to Moravia. Responses were different, most, but not many know about this region as part of the Czech Republic. you more familiar with the state — will be able to say how identity preserved here in comparison with the rest of the Czech Republic, as the region develops, what is remarkable? "
Smotrichenko: "I would start by saying that I love terribly Moravia — Prague or even every other part of the Czech Republic. Here live my best friends, also live or were born the most notable writers. Suffice it to recall or Hrabal, Kundera knows about actually every foreigner.
I as a foreigner difficult to say something about this region and vnutrycheskiya case, "dismantling", nevertheless, Robert Keperd who asks this question during the 8 years of the festival, it’s very exciting and very passionate man. Enthusiastic people I definitely support, enthusiastic people move the world.
On the other hand, I like bogemistov can not fully agree with his Rezonit because soon as I hear it from their own friends maravanav, the vast majority of maravanav Czechs consider themselves first, and later the natives have a certain part of the Czech Republic. This situation can be compared to Silesia in Poland or from Polessye in Belarus. "
Kalinowski: "Sergei, what, in your opinion, are close Belarusians and Czechs?"
Smotrichenko: "Here you need something quickly, quickly come up … Just now to the last party I was at the Brno" Student Radio ", quite popular here, and I was asked whether any of Belarusians hero like Shveyka, this kind of werewolf … I said that such 1st hero in Belarus not, there are a few books, quite iconic for the Belarusian literature — not like the word cult, but once again used … Yet, these characters are often uncertain within himself, and from time to time there is a certain split personality — one Abdiralovich … The game of hide and seek with itself, opportunism in a decent sense of the word … What lead said: "Yeah, Belarusians means — is slightly such Czechs. "So, apparently, really, in what or Belarusians own mentality in mind the Czechs are pretty close."
"Until the last moment in the Czech Republic is almost never taught the Belarusian language and literature"
Kalinowski: "Despite the fact that the dialogue at the official level between Belarus and the Czech Republic is frozen in Prague no Belarusian ambassador, the dialogue between the societies and cultural elites develops. Which still remain unused capacity here?"
Smotrichenko: "More effective dialogue is not at the highest level and at the level of individuals who are passionate about … Thank God that there are such persons in Belarus and the Czech Republic. Hurts me first culture, a literature, in politics
I am colder. Yet, participating in certain political and social bilateral actions.
I think that culture can do more. Since the beginning of the literature to be created, let’s do in other areas — the exchange of exhibitions, here a beautiful painting, we too, creepy musical culture developed. I before each party tried to put CDs Belarusian musicians to present at a level something else apart from literature. Let it do some people, each in their own field. "
Kalinowski: "Do you think enough attention to Belarus, its culture in Czech society?"
Smotrichenko: "I think she is at an adequate level — take that in the Czech Republic for 15 years almost never setting out to the last moment of the Belarusian language and literature. Only two years back the Belarusian language began to be taught in Brno, maybe open up office in Prague. Because in the absence of professionals here in the Czech Republic, in the absence of people who frequently travel, work together — just see how many people, including Vaclav Havel, do not give Belarusian visas — given all these events I think that enthusiasm in the Czech Republic big, but not used all the powers. "

Smotrichenko Sergey was born in 1977 in Minsk. He studied at the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Kolas. Graduated from the Department of the Belarusian language and literature BSU. Powered by the department of theoretical and Slavic linguistics, teaching Czech language, introduction to Slavic philology. In collaboration with Julia Koncevich published a study "Lethargy Belarusian linguistics. Typology of bilingualism and multilingualism in Belarus." Research interests — bogemistiki, Belorusistika, theory and practice of translation. In This year released in Minsk the first number of the magazine Belarusian bogemistov "Okolo" in the Czech language.

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