Spies from which countries can intrigue Belarus?

Lady: "It is ridiculous question. No. We do not need. "
Young Man: "All of them. Both the U.S. and Britain are willing to work on our power. And Our motherland wants to influence."
His friend: "Of the states where the unstable situation."
Man: "Hard to say, there are no thoughts on this subject."
Lady "I think, nowhere does not come to us spies. After all, we is not bad government. "
Lady: "I do not know. We do not want evil and do not do nothing wrong. "
Woman: "I believe that no secrets we have. And if there is, no spies fail to get them. Indeed secrets well guarded."
Young man: "From the United States and England. After a conflict with Belarus these countries . "
Reporter: "Spies of what states can intrigue Belarus?"
Man: "Everyone finds something, it’s natural. Will find some secrets."
Young Man: "Apparently, first from Europe. From France, Britain and America. For show movies about spies specifically of these states . "
Lady: "Yes to any. We did not attack anyone, not threatening anyone."
Man: "It’s hard to say who needs it. Signed up technique is not developed, but what remained of the Russian Union. So we are not spies, but rather in Russia will explore. "
Lady: "Not with what. We have isolated, live for themselves. Which to us may be the enthusiasm? "
Young Man: "Not with what. Think palitagitatsyya that America is spying on us — wrong. America’s notwhat to do. They are interested in the development of Belarus, but they have nothing to spy. "

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