Stanislav Shushkevich: How long can you be in power and respect the Constitution?

"The idea of sovereignty even supported" reddish bigots "
Raisa, Mogilev, "Then, in 1990, you were what actually it is — independence for Belarus? What does she turn?"
Shushkevich: "To be honest, in the harsh geopolitical sense a clear idea of perspective was not very. Fundamentally for me then was the lack of subordination Moscow. And lived conviction: we have very many capable, professional people. Well and experience of the Belarusian statehood testified — we are able to to decide their own destiny.
By the way, first proposed by the Communist Party of Belarus version of the declaration with 38 Fri was shamefully read: everywhere there perlo vernapaddanastsyu Moscow … But if we democratically directed wing collected nomenklatura, which sometimes reddish called defective, and began to read them, what’s what and how the entire political nuance eventually erupted just 5 political articles. "
"Better to plead for the future than to concentrate on retro-nonsense"
Oleg Karpuk, Brest: "What for you as one of the managers of the sovereign Belarus shameful? Do you regret that in 1992 facilitated a referendum on the premature dissolution of the Supreme Council of HP convocation and the adoption of the electoral law? And trust" anti-corruption "Lukashenko Commission — Is not the expression of your political short-sightedness? "
Shushkevich: "And imagine that the chairman of the Supreme Council elected you. And you will soon realized excellent balance of votes. Here BPF opposition MPs offer a constructive proposal, although they have in this issue a maximum of 45-60 votes of three hundred and fortieth And what would be the outcome? Heard would the majority of deputies we have chosen thee for work, and you’re at our dissolution On most of that variant would disagree.
In short, you are finished with this retro nonsense! As to the fact that not so, the Supreme Council of the 12th convocation, as follows, and the Declaration of Independence, we would not have. This composition was a deputy, by the way, even better than the subsequent convocation.
Now with regard to the anti-corruption commission. That all we went by law to not climb out of the skin and the government, namely, Vyacheslav Franzevich Kebich, lest they tossed maladasvedchanamu man what do hesitate to call facts, everything would be fine. And so it was that slipped that he wished, as he says at first and thinks later already … In short, in those real criteria was the usual procedure of creation usual commission. And it is illogical to act against it.
Because not invite sigh the past and look into the future. And so it is not the most bad option left. I think you must choose Kebich president, would already part of. And here — the craving for his power more than anything else. That climbs from the skin to keep in power. Well succeeds. While … "
"In violation of the law once will need to respond"
Timothy Chaussky district: "Who signed the Collective Security, which in the case of change of power in Belarus, Moscow may strangle the latest power tanks (based on CST)?"
Shushkevich: "I refused to sign this contract specifically in Moscow and a number of times when it became such a proposal. Unlike all the other former republics of Governors of the USSR collapsed. Incidentally, my former colleagues in nepadpisanni this agreement was the head of the State Security Commission Mieczyslaw Mushroom. He supported me in Moscow, we pronounced then: we have witnessed in the Constitution of the desire for neutrality.
The same thing I repeated and specially assembled Supreme Council. Interestingly enough, half an hour before the meeting talked about of Mieczyslaw Ivanovich, confirmed his previous position. But suddenly mushroom goes to the podium and expressed support for the agreement. I almost fell on its own then the chairman’s place, as revealed betrayal neat shape! "You just read as completely different!" "Yeah, but then we have collected a commission, and the best part — for signing. I join the majority …"
Ilya Kovalev: "Do you understand the words of Lenin, that power is taken, not given, why you could not keep her?"
Shushkevich: "The motto of the good. But everything should be in accordance with the law. If you are a representative of the authority to violate the laws, you — traitor. And should bear the responsibility. Including criminal.
The question arises: how long you can survive in power, keeping the law? Make a military coup? Shoot people? Do you advise? On this I never walked, I will not and do not advise anyone to go!
We wish to make a democratic constitutional government. And work accordingly. Now our democracy, rule of law and the Constitution violates the so called "supreme personality." Well, for once it will need to be responsible. After all, do not be such. "
"In the current criteria for the local authority does not mean anything"
Mazur Nowogródek: "Advise how to build a large family — the land is allocated parts, absolutely?"
Shushkevich: "With this issue for you, please contact the local authorities."
Mazur: "We have it so that nothing is achieved. Simply — a nightmare!"
Shushkevich: "Yes, your example shows: in the current criteria for the local authority does not mean anything. And yet as the mother of many children you have to go to her. Bureaucrats That was shameful. Your question, sorry, usually as a rake! Though what vertikalschika must answer it immediately — we have the same Tipo, social government! "
Mazur: "What is it eight times strolling, repulsed all thresholds …"
Shushkevich: "Excellent, I will try somehow assist."
Mrs. Lena: "Often I remember you and Zeno Stanislavovitch: thank you is not bad, that once made for us. Know that we are again waiting for you in power!"
Shushkevich: "All people should decide on fair elections. And they have not been since 1996. That we have chosen the way of Ukraine, where people went to the Maidan and said," We want to be cattle, and people want to have ordinary human rights do not want to be afraid! "This is what should be sought. And that occurred democratization of the country, it is necessary to repeat, to fight for fair and decent election."
"Not only in Asia, and in Europe there are people for whom the authorities — the main"
Olga Karalenka, M.: "Interested in your relationship to the three prominent opposition figures. During 1-x, unleash Alexander Kozulin? Vo-2: how to assess the statement of Alexander Milinkevircha about his non-participation of the Movement in the next elections? And third: not established it’s time to leave the political arena davneshnemu your friend — Anatoly Lebedko? "
Shushkevich: "Kozulin sentenced unfairly: to devise a punishment presidential candidate — it’s like to drive a tank to the Government House and start shooting by ministers … to ascribe to him the desire for municipal coup — heresy! Especially sorry for his wife Kozulin, which is due to all this lost health.
Regarding Milinkevich, I consider it a real Byelorussian and a real politician, man. From time to time you should not play by the rules proposed by the government. After almost going to another betrayal of democracy, freedom, Belarusian. Milinkevich so and said we will not participate in the usual farce, we require configuration of the electoral legislation, and then go to the polls. I think this position logical and decent. In general — is a particular favorite of the Belarusian civilization on this day.
Make any comments as to the address Anatoly Lebedko I should not, because we on the one side of the barricade and fight for the same cause. Because answer to his own question without the help of others. "
Lady: "Stanislav Shushkevich Pochetaemy! Boris Nemtsov li
ve in Russia was fine, but sickening. And for you in Belarus?"
Shushkevich: "You know, I love Belarus, which, in spite of all, find a method to exist and to live here. Belarus No I can not."
Rovneyko Stolin: "What Belarus in most cases foreigners ask you if you are reading for their lectures or participate in conferences?"
Shushkevich: "Affects, where we have such notable historians, writers? Rumor about Baradulin Orlova, interested in the phenomenon of global Bykov … In the end, ask where we have such a lovely girl. Koreans with Japanese wonder how there can be a dictatorship in Europe? On their eyes, say even the Asian version … I say anything Europe is no different in this sense, as here and there are people for whom the main thing — power. "
"First, we are threatened with complete Russification"
Mrs. Maria, Gomel: "What threatens the independence of Belarus?"
Shushkevich: "We are threatened first full Russification, which is engaged in power. Can issue an order that the Belarusian songs occupy 75 percent of the radio music programs, but their number is around here for a Russian pop! We have, as you see," union state "…
In-2-x threatens our indifference: if only glass with bacon …
Threatened also not completely correct position of certain religious structures. As a result, we have the dominance of Russian architecture, Russification is through the church.
Threatened by what we do not join because they do not have concluded that solidarity, which was in Poland to confront obscurantism. So how to go against the Belarusian — it obscurantism.
And, unfortunately, the current government is on these positions. So many threats.
But I think — vyblytaemsya! "
Ms. Maria: "I have no such hope: living in Gomel, see the city together with the entire region Russified into fragments, in humans no longer uzreesh Belarusians …"
Shushkevich: "Excuse me, but this is not so. After all, almost always, at least behave in Belarusian. We had almost all suffer to stay alive. And now Belarusians should be through culture. So here of you vyshybli Belarusian culture — and do not knock out. And of your children not vyshibesh, and my kids and grandkids not vyshibesh.
I think because of this, we remain Belarusians nebelorus benefit those who live in Belarus. Another is the need to vaccinate. And we do not have enemies in the midst of other nationalities and to our country, and our border. Come to Belarus! . "
"I do not wish and do not want to make it a benefit of one religion"
Oleg: "Sovereign Pochetaemy Shushkevich, I remember, once you deklyaravalisya unbelievers. Please share as at present attitude to religion"
Shushkevich: "So — not deklyaravavsya ever. But I did not want and do not want to make it the advantage of a single religion. That she had any preferences. No real religion of hate. There is the usual Judaism, Islam is the usual, not to mention all the Christian flow. Belief in holiness, I believe that there is a God, and I believe — it will not give Belarus obscurantist. "
Man: "Stanislav S. Pochetaemy! What do you think about the latest political scandal in the ruling top?"
Shushkevich: "I think he’s not the last. This simple everyday actions control, long described Makiyaveli: if there is a small fluctuation in the sincerity neaddanastsi someone need to push it. Sidelined must express impressive turnaround and return them back to their posts. Remember how in Mogilev protection under the pen led ro-I-likaga chief — in: you say, no one else. But after he had fought so forehead before our manage that now was again next to the president. "
"I would not exactly a disgrace to Russia’s nuclear energy"
Yury Istomin, Grodno: "The Belarusian-Russian rhetoric then subsides, then pops up again. What do you say?"
Shushkevich: "I am opposed to that of so-called integration created by people like Borodin. For others this is not privlechesh. Integration that I am against, because of which peeped Russification and even, if you wish, the annexation."
Istomin: "At the moment there is a controversy over the Belarusian NPP. Here the problem is more important than the safety of people or the so called integration business with Russia?"
Shushkevich: "First — safety, national security, the safety of neighbors — it is exactly. Japan, as we also experienced almost everything, but the future without nuclear energy does not see. States In 28 percent of the power given plant. In France and Belgium, the 80th What conclusions here?
First: it is necessary for people to understand that this energy need for their happiness, that they said themselves — are willing to go to such a step, or fear.
2nd: whom to elect? A very difficult problem. And I would not wish exactly shames Russia’s nuclear energy. "
Galina Solo, Warsaw: "What do I need to keep in the capital of Belarus nuclear — to go to a referendum?"
Shushkevich: "No, listen to no one to advance to fit with a negative response. This can not be done. Belarus has enough experts that the strength to deal with such fundamentally a matter of principle. In any case the choice should be made Belarusians are independent. But now independent Belarus is unable to make a choice. "
"Without the consent of no respect for the vanquished and — worthy favorites"
Dmitry Dyuzhyts, Baranovichi: "You have always been a political good, and it still no."
Shushkevich: "Often in western political science literature, the term" compromise. "This — the engine of democracy. Unless the unreal. But there can be agreement between the wolf and sheep. Between gunman and the victim. Without the consent can not be respect for the minority. Without the consent of not may be reverence to the one defeated. And without the consent can not be worthy of the favorites. "
Ira, Grodno, "Why first 1990’s celebrated on July 27?"
Shushkevich: "Then we are in the Supreme Council were aware that such nashya story … Was not very tactfully talk about the reasonableness of the significance of their own making, because trying to celebrate March 25 — honored predecessors made in 1918, when it became BNR. It seems to me this day, the most important of the new Belarusian history, people’s desire for independence and democracy. "
Ira: "Why before July 27 are prohibited any action in support of sovereignty?"
Shushkevich: "If the government says about preserving the sovereignty, it is only to yourself, but wants to keep his power — nothing more."
"In an open discussion will top the truth"
Vitaly Brovko Vitebsk: "Since independence, Belarus has grown a whole generation. Either need it in political life?"
Shushkevich: "Young people have always needed. Znyavechyts But it can. Wonder soon unpopular expression" zombirovanii. "If in the absence of other criteria medyyaprastory young constantly drummed into the heads ideological cliches regime, in a certain sense they are deformed and cease to be normal people. On my opinion, at the moment there are two categories of young. Very not want confrontation between them. wish they interviewed were free to open a discussion of all difficulties. Unfortunately, we do not have this. A need both, and others. truth in free discussion will prevail. "
Brovko: "As for me, the crucial role of education in the last generation is now owned by the web. Such new projects, such as satellite TV Belsat politicized Web sites are able to make a platform for discussion about which you had read?"
Shushkevich: "There is also need to work on approaches because it is an easy and methodical work. If lead navprostlobuyu agitation or discussion with the dominance of one hand, it is not perceived well. Should be to allow all political and other forces.
But we have such little. Would be desirable , so that it became more. And best of which you says will promote discussion nazapashannyu culture. "

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