Started the next competition for journalism award named Bucerius

As stated by the organizers, the courageous work of the representatives-independent Russian media, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia remains as before to the attention of their colleagues from Western Europe, their activities will continue to attract support.
According to the fund manager of the newspaper "Zeit" Michael Gerynga, "Gerd Bucerius has always stood for freedom of the press in Eastern Europe. Award in his name is a continuation of traditions, also working in the criteria for the protection of critical media unfreedom."
"The search for truth, which are particularly courageous journalists post-Soviet states are a prerequisite for the development of democracy in Europe", convinced representatives of the fund «Fritt Ord".
Regular prize winners will be determined Bucerius international jury next spring. Application Deadline — October 15, 2007.

In the midst of today’s winners Gerd Bucerius — Belarusian newspaper "Nasha Niva"And the Belarusian youth multimedia project" CD-mag ". In previous years favorites from Belarus were BelaPAN, the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya"" Free Previews "," Vitebsk Courier "," Belarusian market "," Brest Courier "," Belarusian Business Newspaper "," Solidarity ", journalists Kalinkina, Nikolai Markevich, Asya Trotsyuk.
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