Terrorist attack in Pakistan: the Czech Republic died salting

Earlier, the Czech embassy said salting Ivo Zdarek called after the explosion of the hotel and asked him to evacuate from there. Whereupon Talk about information diplomat was not reported RIA "Novosti".
The other day, in the evening at the hotel "Maryet" exploded bomb hundred square meters of kilograms of explosives truck driven by a suicide bomber. As a result, a suicide attack killed 60 people, injured nearly 200, and the building of the hotel is very destroyed.
From 2-explosions in the ground crater width of 6 m and a depth of 4.6 m Weight amounted to half a ton of explosives.
"Maryet" is the most prestigious and more protected hotel in Islamabad, where usually stop for foreign tourists and journalists.

Tags: Pakistan, attack, explosion

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