That would see the Yanka Kupala, or would sustain his soul?

Madam, Mogilev: "At a meeting with Alexander Milinkevich Mogilev I made sure that it should not be with those who disagree with him. I listened to him and tried to catch at least one reason to disagree with him. U I did not work out, although I can also bet, if this is necessary.
Anatoly Lebedko argues that there is political will to have unity. What Milinkevich has the will to unity, I was satisfied. And to split it will not conduct. Argue, of course, possible, but not to the same degree such that one to the west and the other east pulls.
With Russia Belarus lived for many years with an outstretched hand. And now asks. And Europe or the EU itself will offer help, in other words, Belarus all the same in Europe. Milinkevich — not the enemy of, and faster one. Because of what is to argue pochetaemy Anatoly Lebedko? "
"Depriving benefits needy kids and seniors, Lukashenko has taken away from their already poor diet sweets and fruits. Liquidators have disabilities and, donors, we can say, took out his piece of the white wheat bread. At the same time, without hesitation, threw overboard 400 millions of dollars, who remained in the Belarusian budget, thanks to trade preferences. Here is his concern for ordinary Belarusians, the heyday of Belarus, which Lukashenko read on July 3. "
Zinoviev: "Until the liberalization of imports from the EU, I think corruption at customs is completed, somebody Office Sukharenko not" zasuharyla. "
Lady: "We only is then develop Byelorussian, when they come to power Zenon Pozniak and Stanislav Shushkevich. They will take to discover all the deputies, who were both in Belarusian voice ".
Man: "There is a village in the Brest region Olshany Stolin district. It’s big. Home to more than eight thousand people. It no power no do not pay attention. Not for human needs, not for people to appeal to the authorities. No matter what is not responding. We wish you to come, looked, photographed our streets. Kids in school get 5 km walk. Terrible condition of streets. "
Narochansky peasant: "Look Your commentary on the letter on" Freedom, "calls. Always I hear the same hoarse voice. They have become boring. I even saw that there was a comment on a letter or a call that has already sounded a month or more reverse. And calls 1st there sound as if people spent somewhere in the attic or in the basement and got out at the moment and begins to talk about their own ideas, which remained at fifty years ago . "
Belkevych Soligorsk: "Belarus does not have any threats on the part of NATO, nor from Russia. Worst enemies Belarusian civilization — darkness and poverty of mind fans evil incompetent regime."
Lady: "The message for the anniversary of Yanka Kupala Belarusian president and is claimed to be" Yanka Kupala would have been pleased at the moment, if I saw an economically strong and prosperous Belarus. "
That would see the majestic Belarusian poet, or would sustain his soul? Overclocked Belarusian school sassy Russification. Nationally conscious Belarusian poets and writers, Belarusian musicians practically underground.
Historic building destroyed in Minsk to Russian businessman managed to launder their money here. And not only in Minsk. Stubbornly vytoptvaetstsa historical memory of the people. Cheating like a poisonous fog everywhere, especially stubbornly crippled young souls.
And the most highest memory of Yanka Kupala — it read his lovely, gentle, deep national poetry, his works. Yes, even at the celebration in Vyazynka July 7th, it was impossible to buy a book of the poet. But was adopted Municipal programm anniversary celebration Yanka Kupala. "
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk, "How would this" market "is not passed, every time I underestimated. Whenever I can not meet with the artists. No I will not miss. Do you make music, write poetry — no one misses. Our" father "boasted that have no counterparts that such Cancel roof pitched. But the roof is leaking, for each seat has a pool, if you look. "

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