The European Union considers the arrests in Belarus as a call

Press Secretary of the Commission external relations Hrystsiane Homan said now that the arrests of opposition throw defied European proposals Belarus:
"These politically targeted arrests contravene EU proposals to Belarus vsepolnotsennym become a partner in the European Neighbourhood Policy."
Membership in the European Neighbourhood Policy could bring Belarus annually 10s or even hundreds of millions of dollars aid of 12 billion budget, which the EU has allocated for a 17-state neighbors by 2013. But these EU proposals linked to democratic reforms and respect Human Rights in Belarus.
Press Secretary of the Commission external relations Hrystsiane Homan noted that yet EU keeps trying to make a dialogue with Belarusian authorities:
"In our opinion, this should not affect the negotiations, which began in the spring at the opening of the EU office in Minsk. Negotiations have not been completed, they will last after the summer, because, in our opinion, the presence of a fundamental not only to have information specifically from the scene, and to be in constant dialogue with Belarusian authorities, "- Said Homan Hrystsiane.
EU officials explain the delay in the opening of the office in Belarus technical neuvvyazkami. The European Union is not subject to the Vienna Agreement on diplomatic relations, as this — not the government, and therefore has to go through a more complicated function approvals from the State where you plan to open an office. The European Union began negotiations with the opening of the office in Minsk two years reverse, the official Minsk gave consent in April.
Yesterday external relations commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said that the arrests alarmed opposition, calling, namely, the names of Paul and Aleksei Shein Sevyarinets.
• The European Union is concerned about the arrests youth activists, 27.07.2007

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