The meeting ended with parents Dashkevich

Long-term meeting ancestors got for the first time during the conclusion of the offspring. In the bullpen all brought their bags were thoroughly scanned. Also searched odezhku. Dmitry mom forced to strip to underwear.
Room visits Vyacheslav compared with the village inn. There is a toilet, a communal kitchen, a shower and a small yard for a stroll.
Olga and Vyacheslav they say that the offspring changed. He matured, became more restrained. The Servants Dmitry bullpen did not complain, did not complain to health. Ancestors, but do not believe the words of filial. Father says Dmitry:
"Little has changed. We felt that matured. Conviction had more. Said, do not worry — everything is as it should be. With health — says — all currently normal. Certainly, unwilling to complain."
While dating Dmitry read a lot, wrote letters and rested. Ancestors are pleased that the offspring of rest.
"And it worked … Read the newspapers. I brought him"Our cornfield. "Bible read a lot, wrote letters. And so just relax. We are pleased that he had rested from his own bit of prison."
July 20 Dmitry Dashkevich was 26 years old. To This time receives congratulations. He left to serve in jail for seven months. Dmitry hopes for premature release — says his father:
"I think trusts. Though reads seven months away — departing on something, do not worry. Retold, say, Hello (referred to certain names.) And in general — all who are interested in them, who congratulated."
Favorite "Junior Front"Dmitry Dashkevich was detained on September 15 2006 and charged with participation in an unregistered organization. On the freedom it needs to come out in March 2008.

6 December 2006 Dashkevich Shklou contained in the penal colony № 17. In the bullpen, he works as a laborer at the sawmill site.

• Dashkevich served half term, 15.06.2007 • Glasses: political prisoner Dashkevich met with parents, 06.08.2007

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