The Ministry of Justice refused to register the movement For Freedom

According to the activist Alexei Kovalets, no grounds in order to not register the union. Power to the wording of the statute niggle, say, some words are delivered in such a sequence and so on. Justice also claims that there is not paid state fee for registration.
Letter from the Ministry of Justice focused on July 19, although the documents submitted for registration on June 18.
Constituent Assembly of the Movement "For Freedom" was held on May 20 in Grodno. Manage its elected Alexander Milinkevich. Deputies are Viktor Kornienko and Yuri Hubarevich. Participants of the Constituent Assembly, the Council chose representatives from all regions of Belarus.
Registered adresok Movement is in Grodno.
Movement goals are to build civilian society, ensuring the independence of the country and holding free elections in Belarus.
Activities include distribution of disk imaging, political campaigns, protection of the repressed, the pressure on the government and international contacts.
Viktor Kornienko commented authorities’ refusal to register the movement "For Freedom":
"No surprises there is not. We had a few problems when submitted documents for registration. 1st: this show as the current power changed and became more democratic and constructive. 2nd: we want and we will do it continue — Shareholders’ Meeting is very useful and we will continue to hold them, despite the fact that there will be obstacles power.
This decision is in line with the general oppression of various civilian activity and termination of all legal structures in the country, not counting those, which are controlled by the authorities. We will continue further registration as well as our activities, we do not associate with the fact of registration. "

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