The Tribunal began to deal with the anarchy on the web?

On August 15, the Minsk Economic Court began proceedings against Internet resource At this address is electrical information about the activities of the Joint civilian party.
Lawsuit filed legal group founded by Andrew Kozik — scion chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Leonid Kozik. The occasion was the material "Family" does business. Under the safe roof country, "was placed on the website. Group" Argument "considers that Article harms its reputation and that of the offspring of the union favorite and asks refutation.
In UCP claims do not agree with. "Web site does not belong to the party. Opened His face went abroad. We only use this resource on the Web, but to influence it can not. And we can not guarantee that will publish a rebuttal," explains Sergei Alfer UCP representative. By him, Group "Argument" was proposed compromise, but rejected it:
"We articulated: can bring to a website statement that we have no legal information concerning the activities of the" Argument "and therefore can neither confirm information from the article, nor its challenge. But it did not suit them. We said they would sue. Only for some reason now the tribunal did not come. "
Reportedly voiced in court, managing Group "Argument" Andrew Kozik is official trip and therefore did not come to the tribunal. The meeting will continue on August 16. Referee Nelly Orel, which considering a lawsuit, the court ordered the defendant to provide information on the registration of Internet resources.
Likely sanctions against UCP, if the claim is satisfied, and the refutation of the website does not show? Here that reads this lawyer Andrei Bastunets who practiced for legal assistance Media:
"Will there be any later action against the party, I still can not say. At the theoretical level, the Ministry of Justice is able to issue a warning, but do not think that comes earlier. Basically you can not read, that such situations on the Web are not regulated by law. They governed by the general rules of sharing disk imaging. "
Meanwhile, observers note that this case were activated almost two weeks after, Alexander Lukashenko stated the need to "complete anarchy on the Web." "We should not allow this majestic achievement of the world’s population turned into garbage information", — said President of Belarus on August 2nd anniversary celebration "Russian Belarus." At the same time Alexander Lukashenko complained that municipal subscription edition hardly grows, but the number of visitors of the web grows every year over 20%. Also the head of Belarus was unhappy lack of municipal websites with more guests than 5 thousand.
Lukashenka: "Anarchy and the web must be stopped",, 2:08:07 • "Reporters Without Borders" concerned about the web application Lukashenko, 2:08:07

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