This will help all people who struggle with Bolshevism

"Star" in 1937 for the 17th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the White Poles contains records folk Commission BSSR.
We divide the opponents we force better than in the twentieth year, when his snout vanities in our sovetskogo garden. (Orsha district)
Are high on the mountain Two huge stones. If you want, sir, come to us, vspamyani twentieth year. (Polotsk district)
General thick mustache, Coupled with him bellied sire. Two are sitting and shaking, so fear the guerrillas. (Polotsk district). "
On the pages of "Lima" in 1947 M.Kerzin writes about new work Zaire Azgura "Scorina — educator Belarusian people, First book printer, Azgur was conceived and executed in 1928. In its own way its main features preserved in the last bust. Its basic idea — that show a man who stands on his own cultural development is much higher than his era, a man whose soul is beautiful mother misses Belarusian people. Painter achieves this through the detection oriented slightly upward gaze. "
Ales wrote on Kryga this week 1957 "Motherland", "The Last War pretty sure Bolsheviks that the Belarusian people is for them so fragile that libel can not rely on its passive neutrality. They know that the people will literally help anyone who is struggling with Bolshevism. Therefore, as the largest national extermination of the potency of this nation inclusive in L reduction of its population is in the interests of Moscow. "

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