Time News (Our Fatherland): Belarus is not calculated with Gazprom because fears derail own Rouble

The newspaper "News Time" draws attention on why Belarus is unwilling to repay the debt to "Gazprom": "Beltransgaz" fully collects payments for the resale of gas to end users, who regularly receives about 30 millions of dollars from "Gazprom" as payment for transit to Europe, Ukraine and the Kaliningrad Oblast, and in June received from the Russian group 625 millions of dollars living facilities for 12.5% of the shares of "Beltransgaz". "Because — the newspaper — the possibility of postponing the latest debt in" Gazprom "is not even considered."
"Time of news" notes that Belarusian side states that funds for debt repayment (which is 456 millions of dollars) In Minsk there. But they collected in Belarusian rubles. Prakanvertavats them in Bucks Belarusian government unwilling as "fears derail rate of the national currency."

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