V.Neklyaev: Provide yourself with poetry, of course, is unrealistic …

Znatkevich: Now Nyaklyayeu funny day answering questions online conference participants on the website of "Freedom" — specifically with the issue of online conference we started the current conversation. During the conference, you have a lot of asking about the future of Belarus, the political situation, even asked "how to live" … What do you think — in Belarusian society by poet, writer and continue lozhut the "teacher", "prophet"?
Nyaklyayeu: It’s amazing, but — of course, not to such an extent as previously — is preserved. This general property Slavic mindset Slavic consciousness that actually own verbal. Unlike, say, the English world, where in front of all the same thing, fact, and later have the word — a word we have decided from time to time more than act. Because, of course, those hopes, hopes for people who can express what most of the senses, and they are quite huge.
Another thing to check them today more and more difficult, and only — as in my case or in the case of those poets who remained "opposition", although what can be poetry opposition — not only because there is no access to the state media disk imaging and also because it is more difficult for people to give answers to the questions that they ask themselves as we begin these answers — the same questions have already been asked many times — confused. After we rested, like a dead end, there is no translational moves forward. We have a couple of years there is the same at the same place. And this is according to the laws of the theater is not no art, no drama, and that anyhow.
Znatkevich: You mentioned there with nostalgia stadium performances. Maybe even now whether the poet collect stadiums, or it is left in the twentieth century?
NyaklyayeuI am convinced that this unique phenomenon remained completely in the last century, it has no ability to return, no matter what efforts who have no examples. Stadionnaya cause of poetry was not so much the poetry, verses, and that was behind all this — in a hidden metaphor, and people went to hear what they heard on the radio, not beheld on television, read in newspapers. Here it is drawn — the political component was the whole idea in front can, if not directly political, so this is what is called the public.

"I even offered samaraspustsitstsa Writers’ Union …"
Znatkevich: You headed Writers Alliance from 1998 to 2001. Currently unions already two — one government support, the second harassed. But from time to time you can hear that in principle, a creative person, a writer no unions are not needed, it should be the one outside groups, outside the currents, and that the alliance — that currently pro-government, that the Russian era — was one function: those who are close to power — reward, you who are further from power — not …
Nyaklyayeu: Even when decayed Russian Alliance, and was the last congress of the Union of Writers, even the former USSR, I — even though it was me and not in order of size — got to the podium and said — and all were against the fact that, say, the alliance will end (not the USSR and writers) and you must do everything that he survived — so I said, "Listen, let the unions are even weave, whatever. Suppose that three people are going to make your group, call it Union or as you like — in his intellectual passion , art datum. Litfond But you need to save — as a company union, which would be more or less able to help those writers who at the physical level is not able to support themselves. " For once what is called the Literary Fund, and was created.
And after already here when I was chairman of the Writers’ Union, I Tipo s branch on which was sitting, I read that I can not see today is no need for the existence of this organization. I even offered samaraspustsitstsa — just to make a statement that the current authorities are doing everything to hinder life Writers’ Union … But, again, all this was not perceived.
And that appeared on today — the two writers’ union — well, let, I do not see any drama and disaster. Just before we were called that, once locked in space — there is a meeting, come and see the person with whom you would never wish to see, and even more to shake his hand — but now, some conventions to oblige this. At the moment, this, thank God, no. This is the first. And second — that at the current time interval no collective thought, collective komplota anyway creative, simply can not be — well, never was. Creative people who can only exist together in comfortable criteria — I just see how they are going to become unfriendly and each other. After all feel their weakness, everyone feels that they did, although the team gathered, not able to do, and this just an annoyance.
But as a fact of existence that confronts trivial antybelarusizatsyi that occurs in the Belarusian country, Belarusian Writers Alliance now as an organization — despite the fact that I disagree all that said before — it is needed.
Znatkevich: You have said about the Literary Fund as some means of helping those who can not provide for themselves themselves. Do you think in principle — professional creator can exist in the criteria of the market?
Nyaklyayeu: Every art has its own genre, subgenre nuances. Provide themselves with a mental or poetry prose, of course, impossible. But estseka and some soap opera, and vaudeville, and our guys are very many earned on that wrote novels, detective stories — by the way, wrote them on the Russian market, because we have it does not exist … I myself, I must confess, when completely "running out", went to Moscow, where he worked with video studios that make these "soap operas." Obviously, spend time on it, and some no creative abilities did not want to — but you have to make a living that still do …
Earn in the current criteria, especially in the present of, it is possible. For us it is simply unrealistic, because even if you write there a detective in Belarusian — no audience that would gather that the circulation, which would bring profit to you. Say, here, I wrote "labuhi" and, frankly, expected to have a huge readership than it was in fact …
"I do not think there are so many write erotic scenes, as it checked out …"
Znatkevich: In other words, it was the first commercial payment?
Nyaklyayeu: Not … Yes I am about this, to be honest, and is not intended, but I thought I would have realized that I did not earn it, and what happened — nothing gained. It was a totally different kind of momentum. When I started writing "labuhi" I never thought there are so many write erotic scenes, as it was discharged. I wanted to tell the story of a man who had all the time Russian. Youngish man, who even when consciousness in mind, with force, with energy, which Tipo had everything — fame, money, this whole set — and did not notice that he in fact does not have a damn thing. Only public configuration that occurred on his sight, appeared before him as bytsiynae question, and he was obliged to answer to myself, "Look, you’re such a steep and you have nothing, it appears, for the soul is not present."
But when I started to write there the first few episodes of erotic plan, I suddenly ran into a little thing in the Belarusian language leksemav in order to designate this movement everyday sexy men to the lady — just no! In the vernacular, they were not necessary, because there are all called by their proper names — as it is, say so. And in the literary, that made virgin form, the vocabulary is simply not developed. And there was such a sense in purely technological task — to try to establish if these words are not present, then come up with. Anyway link these trends in language such that it is completely natural in Belarusian perceived — as perceived in Russian or French. And when I mastered — well, it was not the main problem — I will say that I liked it myself.
Znatkevich: You’ve probably already asked — as it autobiographical?
Nyaklyayeu: No, there is no make of autobiography. Well, maybe not counting the fact that I was some kind of a lifetime dream — to become all the same "labuhom." But fate was not easy. NOT destiny and fate … My mom was very willing, so I went to music school — was close Maladziechna where this school was taught and where many of my friends. And we were even purchased an accordion, but somehow it hurt — and accordion fought here, and all flew into space, and the dream of my generation became quite music, not a scene, and all that we have at the moment we see, when sit in the studio. And I replaced in order to study music, went on to study electronics, which hitherto do not understand, though finished college connection, but faster by the trickery of their own finished, than knowledge. Because maybe that’s what this promise or autobiographical, well, still there, maybe a few episodes there, but know that either I, myself I need them at some time in a country experiencing.
"Paul Izotovich if you’ll hear at the moment …"
Znatkevich: First, our conversation you have said that the writers do not have access to municipal mass of information. During an online conference you were asked about your business with Pavel Yakubovich, who is currently chief editor of "Russian Belarus", in his time he was your subordinates in the magazine "The Source", and asked there — whether it was possible for you to ever have been printed for his editorship in "Russian Belarus," You are on this question is not answered …
Nyaklyayeu: I first published "Russian Belarus," in the sense that about me printed. Own publications I did not have — not as Pavel Yakubovich denied me, and since I did not offer him.
Znatkevich: Why did not offer? Here you state that there is no access to municipal media disk imaging, and suddenly: offer — and to print?
NyaklyayeuPavel Izotovich if you’ll hear at the moment — or rather not me, but this young man offer — then perhaps I subcarrier which nibudt-in "Sovetskaya Belorussia" is obviously not about politics, and then choose-nibudt. ..
ZnatkevichWell, here you have said that you wrote an essay about Kolas — why not print a test in Russian Belarus "?
NyaklyayeuWell, maybe that’s a definite advice … Excellent, choose from an essay about the Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas and what-nibudt subcarrier.
Znatkevich: And the next question in the online — about tarashkevitsa. Do you use tarashkevitsa?
Nyaklyayeu: At first, when it all began — and then "Source" by the magazine was that Tipo dictated fashion for all this — I was with those who read that magazine to translate tarashkevitsa not worth it. And I did not try to influence or push their right — I just was sure look here school’s teacher of the Belarusian language, which has been some average teacher training college or studied in absentia on Philology. She just kept in the Belarusian language, and it is in the school — the last man, because the teacher Belarusian language and literature — it is not in the past, not when I was studying, when Philip Nestseravich, which I learned was a noble man who knew "Eneidu" by heart, later Pope second man — and at the moment. And so it is confusing, and we still entangled tarashkevitsa it will produce texts such and such, it just head will spin, and she says "yes you blazing fire, together with all his Belarusian language!"
At the same time, and were still huge "zalyapuhi" — language yatsvyaskuyu want to run as an independent, hehe, if this here, which is not clear what to do, how to keep it to stay … Because I kept the "Source" to "narkamavskim" spelling and I think that went because it was to be done. Well, estseka and other people, other judgments, and I do not want to justify that only my only right. Which islands, which now is, say, a magazine "Arche" or revision of "Nasha Niva" — I have great respect for the men out there who are working together, they feel so, so understand the language — they may be, these islands that sow , then rise, I do not mind. But at the confusion at the difficulties, which is currently all of the Belarusian language and at first, I think giving varyyantnastsi impractical.
"Well, it was a hickey …"
Znatkevich: My last question is also connected with the online conference — there you uttered that at one time kiss with Brezhnev. You could tell this story?
Nyaklyayeu: Thank God that most of the people that all of this with our eyes beheld … Well, have not forgotten, but do not assign such importance to this episode. It was the Russian Communist Party Congress of the Union, and was then opened so — congratulations on behalf of the delegates to the Congress of Russian youth. Selects an appropriate amount of this most Russian youth — astronaut, work, collective farmers, well, etc., all little. And selects a poet. And for some reason I specifically Russian Union of all elected.
At first, I was called to Moscow, the Central Committee of the Komsomol, was asked to write the text for this greeting — act first. And later came the second act when called and said, "Here, boy, he wrote, it’s all been approved, where you’ll read this, and there pronounced that if wrote, let him and reads." Well, I read this poem — eight or how many rows there were. Well then, and so of course it was an old man, and therefore, perhaps, he was moved, and when it was over, there was this historic kiss.
Znatkevich: When I looked at all these old photos — Brezhnev, general Russian control — has always struck me that men kiss passionately …
Nyaklyayeu: Well, it was a hickey, so … Some fashion party was, indeed, all threw themselves at each other, as today’s "blue", and even more … strastsyu Incidentally, this opened today and somehow between our spouses remained. I have a company — Bath — all great guys. Imagine for yourself — I go every Thursday. I have as many as have advuchvav … Come in a bath naked, raspranaessya. Well you can shake a hand … No! — "Wow!" And come to kiss … By the way, I even wanted to write something — conduct research — where it all started for and what, incidentally, may end … But I myself do not like it, and I do it exceptionally …

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