Valentin Golubev

Accomplished online conference with the politician and historian Valentin Golubev.

Valentin Golubev was born June 21, 1955. He worked as a tiler-facing worker in building trust Svetlahorsk, served in the army. He graduated from BSU. Senior Research Fellow, Institute of History Academy Belarus. Ph.D. in History (thesis — "Zamlevparadkavanne farmers and land in Belarus 16-18 centuries."

From 1990 to January 1996 — deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation, coordinator of the opposition Popular Front, Secretary of the Commission on Sun international affairs and economic ties. One of the founders of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus municipal. He was a member of the Constitutional Commission. In 1991 — 1995 — Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front, managing Minsk city organization of the Belarusian Popular Front. Member of the hunger strike in opposition deputies BPF April 1995 against Lukashenko initsyanavanaga referendum.

Married, has 2-sons and a granddaughter.

July 27, 1990 The Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty of the municipality. August 25, 1991. at the request of the parliamentary opposition BNF Declaration was given the status of constitutional powers — Belarus gained independence. In an interview with Freedom Valentin Golubev said:

"With one side, we do not have gained full of what want. When we wrote the Declaration, said White-red-white flag and coat of arms "race" as the state symbols, worked on the Constitution — we had hoped that this will lead to the strengthening of Independence. Absolutely, 100 percent, it does not work out. And even then, that madeOh, was not in vain. Even Lukashenko, which read "so called Republic of Belarus"Currently karystaetsa that the opposition BNF did in 1991. Belarus became an independent state — since, under the red-green flag yet, but it is — not the province of.

In the policy that is made, is not lost. As leaders "Nasha Niva"Have contributed to the BNR as Worms did BSSR and BPF first reached the 90th creation-independent Belarus. Not everything went as we wished — but our efforts were not in vain."

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