Vigil Greek Catholics in Polotsk

Solemn Liturgy at the Church of St.. Paraskeva Polotsk Apostolic visitator headed for Greek Catholics in Belarus Archimandrite Sergei Hajek. In his speech he said:
Nuts: "So happy it turns out that in These days are marks 490 years since, when the majestic Francis Skaryna Belarusian first, a native of Polotsk, began publishing in Prague in Old Belarusian Bible translation … The time has come, so we do want to read the Word of God in our native Belarusian language. This — also a vast field for joint actions of all Christian Churches in Belarus. "
Participants also recalled the prayer 125th anniversary a day or birthday Yanka Kupala, which they dubbed "dignified Belarusian Christian poet, messenger of spiritual rebirth Belarusian people. "
In previous years occurred during a pilgrimage different incidents like contact with intoxicated locals. On This time this does not happen. Exclusively in the village of Sloboda near Vitebsk was unable to spend the night at the club, where the pilgrims slept every year. Currently there was repair, and the pilgrim had to sleep in tents under the rain.

Each year, the pilgrimage begins July 11 — a day of Polotsk sufferers. July 11, 1705 drunk Russian ruler Peter I killed Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk six Basilian monks.

Dean says the Central and Western Belorussia, and protapresbiter. Andrew Ablameyko.

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