Volozhin young people do not leave the destroyed camp

In the evening, I contacted one of the organizers of the camp Vitaly shorty. He explained to the solution of several of its own supporters not to leave the camp was destroyed by police:
"We decided to hold fundamentally. Here is the principle. We believe in cattle. We show that we can not rest where others are allowed. We decided such makarom at least a little, but fundamentally to protect the position. "
Vital Karatysh said that the camp was organized on Isloch first week. Students put 6 tents. Firepit used formerly. Now, but in place of the camp showed up with the police claims, KGB, armed protection inspectors of animals and plants.
"We arrived and said:" You — cattle. For you do not belong here. So get out of here! "We fingerprinted rewrote shoe sizes, eye color, height," — told Vitaly Karatysh.
According to my informant, in Belarus present day organized many camps for patriotic youth. Vital Karatysh associates explain their activities and background of the current conflict:
"The situation in each region has its own. I recently came out of the camp near Pinsk. There policemen showed no such impudence. Here I realized that in Volozhin not yet faced with the fact, that police officers gave orders to break the law, just people someway pursue. Head of the police department decided that he now everything is permitted. "
Surname Volozhinski chief police department — Igor Shakun. We were unable to contact him. Duty in the police council said that the chief went on a mission.
• Volozhin: police removed the student’s youth camp, 03.02.2007 • Vałožyn four youth activist detained by police, 03.02.2007

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