Vox Populi: Belarusians know about Hugo Chavez?

Man: "Hugo Chavez — a typical favorite own country. Tries do something. What happens — is unclear. But it is respect. "
Lady: "This is the president of Venezuela. More than anything."
Lady: "It seems to be the President of Bolivia. In them there were some difficulties with the regime, or something. "
Man: "Hugo Chavez — Venezuelan president is. It manages administrative measures."
Lady: "I’m afraid that did not hear anything."
Man: "Hugo Chavez — Venezuelan President. He’s a good speaker and speaks of a multipolar world. So as not only were the U.S. hegemony, and so other countries could tell his word in the international arena. "
Man: "This is the president of Venezuela, such a typical favorite. Grappling with capitalism."
Reporter: "What have you heard about Hugo Chavez?"
Young Man: "It is recognizable by whole world Teran. It is similar to Lukashenko. Makes repression own country . "
Young Man: "He Teran supporting the Redskins and trying to build socialism in Venezuela. I heard that in Venezuela difficulties with products and people are not happy. And so — he does everything in order to protect the independence of its own people."
Pensioner: "And for what he gave me, this president? Heard that he is the same as ours."
Retired: "It Venezuelan favorite with prybabahami such. Uninteresting. There’s nothing decent will not work."
Lady: "I heard that he allowed all receive higher education, for it does not have to pay and can do all who desire it. Heard that the vast majority of the poor in Venezuela for him. I do not particularly interested in Venezuela, but heard something. "

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