Warsaw until responds to espionage case

Meanwhile Browser Polish Radio for Belarus, the last many years correspondent "Gazety Wyborczej" in Belarus Cezary Galinski said to us that he considers acts Belarusian secret services’ response to the arrest last year in Lithuania Belarusian Sergei Monich, who was accused of spying for Belarus, "and" desire Alexander Lukashenko, who was in a difficult situation, to show Moscow that he remains the best ally of the Kremlin. "
And last first deputy ambassador in Belarus Poland Marek Bucko, who was also removed from Belarus, said that the purpose of actions of the Belarusian authorities — to intimidate their own people, so that they did not communicate with the Poles.
"I would look first at what effect such measures bring. And the effect itself — again in the Belarusian society creates an atmosphere of psychosis, the terror of contacts with foreign countries, in particular Poland, the Polish media. Shows that for at least some contact with anyone from Poland can be accused of spying. Second — everyone who at least a little versed in how to operate modern intelligence services know that the term "spy network" last applied during the second World War. Currently there are no networks, intelligence agents working samstoyna. Immediately grab as many agents — it looks like a theater, dramatization. Nowhere in the world in the near future itself was not anything, and I do not believe that here in Belarus is occurred. This instsenizatsyya or large, for which indeed were applied officers who uttered read what it must, or this case generally absolutely fabricated "- says Marek Bucko.
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, 13.07.2007

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