Week in Belarus in photo: 7 — 14 July

July 7. Celebrating the 125th anniversary of a day or birthday Yanka Kupala Vyazynka
Anniversary celebration of Kupala was uncrowded
The "Echo" hiding from the rain under the Christmas tree
Alexander Milinkevich together with the audience sang the hymn "Pursuit"
July 7. Journalists commemorated Dmitry Zavadsky
Olga Zavadskaja
July 8. Destruction of historic buildings in Minsk
Another standard "buldozernay restoration." House number 11a on the International
Type of house number 11a in International through the breach in the wall with Komsomolskaya
Type of house number 11a with arches from the International
Beside standard "restored" house under cabinets. House number 13a on the International
The fate of former post in HVIII. in the hands of the Minsk authorities. Komsomolskaya 6
Mail prevents stylized antique parking
July 9. In Minsk worship the relics of St.. Luke
Turn controlled police and riot
Turn controlled police and riot
The queue at the entrance to the church
The queue at the entrance to the church
Adoration of the sarcophagus with the relics of St.. Luke
Prayer before the icon of St.
Prayer before the church
July 9. Lidchukov congress delegates visited the graves of the Polish Home Army soldier
Congress organizer lidchukov Alexander Pegs
At the cemetery, the Home Army soldier in Surkont
At the cemetery, the Home Army soldier in Surkont
July 10. Flash mob in Grodno in defense of old buildings
Four Young people holding sheets of paper with the words "Bring back our history"
Two protesters digging sand scoops children, they had attached to the head pictures of Chairman Executive Committee Alexander Antonenko and Managing Executive Committee Vladimir Savchenko
July 11. The festival opened with "God Almighty"

July 12. Authorities are trying to ban the camp Protestants Aksakovschina.
Managing the ideological department of the district executive committee Oleg Volozhinski Bobrik
July 12. Destruction and protests in Grodno
This inscription is made on the bridge support between old and new royal castles. It can be seen that the preceding inscription was defaced
Repair occurs tower XIX century
On ul.Russkoy photographed part of the pavement, first laid the 1920s when the Polish authorities. Specialists they say, now you can not do such a — a slab of cement and crushed stone obtained fragile shaky
Young artist: those of old houses at one point, too, can not be, because the next — on adjacent streets — destroy stone
July 13. Mass for the victims of fascism in the Grodno region N.

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