Where moved phosphorus accumulation, hitherto unclear

Ukrainian news agencies report that 145 people were hospitalized, 43 of them — kids. Meanwhile President Viktor Yushchenko accused the Cabinet of Ministers of concealing the real consequences of the tragedy.
The representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus Vitaly Novitsky said today that while the danger to the country and people in the country do not. By him, Belarusian experts at are in contact with Ukrainian colleagues.
The department meteapragnozav Republican hydrometeorological believe that toxic accumulation is not moving in the direction of Belarus. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine claim that phosphorus accumulation no longer exists.
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Belarus does not have reliable disk imaging about the route phosphorus clouds. But there’s been explained under what circumstances the cluster may be unsafe Belarus.
Says Deputy Minister Alexander Apatsky:
"As for cloud itself, we to This time can not say for sure: there it or not — particularly as a cluster formed, or is it any remains. Because it is clear that the majority settled on settlements nearby site of the tragedy.
But even with the development of the situation in unseemly, and when the wind rose will be in the direction of Belarus, and the speed and rain just get to the place in Belarus, first in Brest, the cluster as such nothing terrible. Passed, spin and departed.
But the precipitation of rain clouds in conjunction with unsafe because they can get into the water. From the reaction with moisture can form a cloud of steam with phosphoric acid, but even if the acid in aqueous surroundings fall, it all depends on its concentration. "
Director of the Kiev Ecological and Cultural Center Vladimir Boreyko now said that the accumulation of matter in the north-west. According to environmentalist views, it can go both on marshy area of Ukraine, Belarus and Poland on. Boreyko even expressed the view that the poisons already moved beyond the Lviv region.

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