Why did the authorities started coming to political parties?

For kutsee already third political party was under threat of deprivation of legal status. What is the reason so attention of the authorities to the parties? Why exactly these organizations have been targeted? What are the legal grounds for the suspension of activities of the authorities of the parties?
Participants: lawyer Sergei Alpher and secretary of the Party of Communists Belarusian Lena Skrigan.
What is the background of pressure on the party?
Valery Karbalevich: "The pressure on the civilian society, deprivation of legal status of its structures — such a general trend of political life in Belarus. But it seems that the last few years did not touch municipal parties. Except for the elimination in 2004 of the Labour Party. The main object of repression were public organizations that are independent of the newspaper.
And now started coming to the party. Suspended the activities of the Party of Communists of Belarus (PCB). Preparing liquidation Belarusian Ecological Party greenish. Now the authorities are beginning to check the Women’s Party "Nadezhda". Where is the reason why such special attention of the authorities to political parties?
Sergei Alpher: "With regard to PKB, the attention has been focused on it a year or one and a half back. At peremptory structures there were plans to connect the two communist parties under the label of the Communist Party of Belarus (CPB), which pursued a policy of support for the regime. But the practical implementation of ideas was prepared bad. Acts vertikalschikov local organizations and PBC were not only illegal, but, in my opinion, sought criminal proceedings with the people who were engaged in an embodiment of this plan.
Connect the two parties failed. The authorities decided to take revenge. The Ministry of Justice has collected documents, handed them to the Supreme Tribunal. And PKB activity was suspended.
Belarusian Ecological Party greenish samaraspustsilasya. Because it is not clear why it close with a gain of the Supreme Court.
Women’s Party "Nadezhda" got into those millstones that PKB. I think the persecution arises from the fact that she, together with the PCB, is allied leftist parties. In recent activities of the Women’s Party "Nadezhda" will not suspend anyone. After all, the party must give some time to fix the comments of the Ministry of Justice.
The main problem of this party, as well as other opposition parties-invent themselves legal addresses. Authorities is not difficult to fix this obstacle. That’s based on the organizational structures of the party shortcomings can be eliminated.
But with 17 lots available now in a good half lacked the respective Party membership (1 tyscha people) or organizational structures. Yet, the power will not touch them. Since most of them — priklnnye to the current regime. "
Specifically why these parties have been targeted?
Karbalevich: Is there a principle of choice of victims? For example, greenish Belarusian Ecological Party, Women’s Party "Nadezhda" — not very influential. A Communist Party — one of the four strongest parties in Belarus. So why such a variety, based on public opinion significance Party have been targeted?
Lena Skrigan: "First we need to note that the authorities are doing coming to the left wing of the democratic forces. Combining left parties in the alliance is a concern of the authorities because they are afraid of their own rivals in the electoral field. I think to counter leftist opposition forces are now beginning to create a company" snowy Russia. "
More than one year continued the process of suspension of activities PKB. Brand new version of the law on political parties to give authorities greater ability to obstruct the activities of political parties. Pretty during the year twice party written notice — and is the basis for its elimination. Liquidation threat hangs over each party, which will be on the political order.
Most painful place for parties — the address is a legal, and what was read Alpher. Even if he has the address, the question arises: why is not anyone constantly on the spot. And if someone sits there — interrogated, saved specifically in this room documents print. If and it has everything — must received permission to fire. With the presence of the party, for example, and that of the desired resolution — find out whether there is a resolution of sanitary station. And so endlessly. Of such party’s motivations can warn, suspend, kill. "
What are the legal grounds suspension of activity of the parties?
Karbalevich: "Indeed there brand new version of the law on political parties gives the authorities greater ability to interfere with the enterprise parties? What are the legal basis of power to end the activities of parties? What usually cling to?"
Alpher: "Just I — one of the founders of an alternative law on political parties, rejected by the authorities. Law developed by the Ministry of Justice, in my view, violates the constitutional provisions guaranteeing freedom of association. It does not meet international legal standards. New law regulates the activities of a very aggressive parties, greatly expands the ability to eliminate them. "
Skrigan: "While our party eliminated in the process of the court changed the requirements of the Ministry of Justice. Initially want to remove the PCB based, allegedly, incorrect lists of party members.
In this regard, I wish to emphasize how to verify membership in the party. For example, the Justice Department filed in the Tribunal Act 1st district of village councils Shklovsky. The document was signed by the chairman and secretary of the village council, also a lady that was forced to declare that it is not a member of the PCB. Such a curiosity, certainly not happened in the history of party building. At least, I was on such never heard. While the lady that wrote the statement that in fact it is a member of the party.
But those documents are also confusing. Night because the Ministry of Justice has drafted new. Necessary papers were filed regional justice department, and they have to raise the issue of legal addresses of party organizations. In the end, this was the legal basis for the suspension of activities PKB.
By the way, requirements documents to correct deficiencies remind PKB decision of the CPSU. They portrayed the wording of this kind: "strengthen", "do better" (organizational-party work, records of members of political parties, etc.). It is not clear how to perform such vague advice. "
Whether linked to the coming party elections approach in the House of Representatives?
Karbalevich: "Maybe the authorities prevent the legal status of parties other day elections to the House of Representatives? Does indeed legal status any additional ability of the opposition during the election campaign?"
Alpher: "If elections are not held early, I think, coming true is not related to the election campaign. According to the law, the party may nominate candidates on those districts in which are legal addresses of its structures. But Belarus is not a lot of opposition parties, that have many registered entities. Much of the opposition candidates will be nominated by collecting signatures. In addition, the suspension of activities of the party no way for friends to allocate the electoral commission. "
Skrigan: "Indeed today’s repression can be associated with the elections only if they take place early. Our Party has always put forward candidates with 2 methods. During 1-x, practiced party’s nomination. We have quite a structure to could nominate candidates for deputattstva, election commissions, observers on land. In-2, an extension can be carried out by collecting signatures. Usually, the nominees through party organizations harder not register as already gained good experience in the preparation of the respective documents. "
That can counter the opposition?
Karbalevich: "What can be the strategy of the opposition to these criteria. Are there at least some ability to resist the authorities?"
Alpher: "first — you need to inform the public about the Belarusian authorities violation of fundamental rights of people. 2nd — informing the public. Resonance International Solidarity also spetsefichesky way affect the Belarusian authorities."
Skrigan: "We still will work. What can not the party whose activities are suspended, will do Party members — as citizens. Certainly, we inform about the situation here made friendly games in Europe.
Also need to fight for change in the law on political parties. Collaboration and mutual support gives strength to stand. "
Karbalevich: "So Makar, despite everything that happens can be claimed that the authorities begin another sweep of the political space. Samples of the suspension of activities of parties indicate efforts of the authorities to deprive the opposition of legal status, driven underground, the possibility zminimizavats active role in political life."

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