Wiesenthal Center urges Lukashenko to condemn anti-Semitism in Belarus

In his letter to Shimon Samuels recalls nedavneshny visit the countries of the former Soviet Union, during which he visited many monuments second World War I, including the Minsk museum majestically Russian war. Manager Simon Wiesenthal Center impressed presented in this museum exposition — a reminder of mass destruction by the Nazis Belarusian Jews and those who rescued them.
Shimon Samuels writes about meeting his real nightmare when he went to the bookstore "orthodox book" the organization "orthodox initiative." Next to the church is widely represented in literature, crosses, candles, icons, he saw a lot of anti-Semitic books — "Myths and Truths about pogroms", "Enigma Protocols of the Elders", "Jewish Revolution" and others.
According to Samuels, during a conversation with the "Orthodox initiative", he learned that the organization is going to open its online — page. According to the manager of the Jewish human rights organization, it can only strengthen inciting xenophobia. Samuels recalls Belarusian favorite his own words about the web: "We must not let this majestic achievement reincarnated as an information dump."
In his appeal to President Lukashenko control center in Los Angeles, emphasizes that "orthodox initiative" acts contrary to the official policy of the Belarusian country "and that the resolution of such books of Belarus" as the representative of the OSCE signed it violates international commitments to fight anti-Semitism. "
Wiesenthal Center calls on the Belarusian favorite "officially condemn anti-Semitism and those printed material that desecrate the memory of the Jews and Belarusians — victims of the second World War I. "
Bookstore "orthodox book" that the street Berastsyanskaya in Minsk, we asked, can be purchased on the open market specified in the letter of the control center Wiesenthal book "Legends and the truth about the massacres," a "secret protocols of the Elders", "Jewish Revolution." ..
And they heard the subsequent: "You know, we have a lot of books such plan — for example, Platonov. And until they are, you can come and choose. Up to 7 hours per day. Exceptionally Saturday until half-past five."
The question of how legitimate it is literature, vendor replied:
"This is not literature for a wide range. It is not prohibited. Was officially published and officially sold. Published in Moscow."
According to the vice-chairman of the Union of Belarusian Jewish public associations Yakov Basin, anti-Semitic books can be purchased in Minsk not only in the bookstore on the street Berastsyanskay, and at the same book fair along Yanka Kupala. Yakov Basin gathered even an entire bookshelf of this kind of literature.
"In order to list all the names of similar books, I need to go home. This can be read as a lot. At the moment I, unfortunately, not at home. In particular, many commercially available literature published in Russia. "

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