Will Belarus continue just to pay for gas?

Man: "Of course it will. Where go? Taketh away, as needed, from the pockets of people — and pay."
Lady: "I suppose not. What — now paid? Next will be the same situation — still."
Man: "Exit to new sources of energy — sun, air …"
Woman: "While we will build ice rinks — will not fit to pay."
Young Man: "Sasha, where the means?" (Laughs)
Woman: "Where stabilization funds — is not clear. Yet — this is politics. And it is impossible not to take into account the fact that we are dependent on the Russian Federation."
Student: "There is a world of experience — when energy comes not from one country, but with different. In including You can also go on their own resources. But, in fact, we need to go to the market. Simply no other way. This global experience. "
Schoolboy: "I think Belarus makes all Probably … "
Pensioner: "From 1st pocket transferred to another — and all."
Student: "I think Belarus will pay. But for this it is necessary to do something strong. Necessary to change something in politics and in general — in society."
Student: "In Belarus, there is simply no other way. Maybe later we find other ways of gas production. Perhaps — in other countries. This is not so much economic as political issue. We Russia Tipo brothers. I think of them pursue full payment for gas — is not correct. We, too many of their own products they sell, and low prices. ‘Cause I think that we must be discounts. But pay Belarus will — same people will not leave without gas. "
Man: "I would like to believe, Belarus will fit to pay for gas. After all these delays have a negative impact on the style of the country. "
Student: "In this situation, any hopes for loans is very difficult. Since our president has established itself as not very reliable partner. Do not know how to such a situation get away. Very creepy: there will continue? "
Man: "Now hard to predict. I think the most dramatic story — it is a crisis: strikes, mess … "

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