With Alexander Kozulin colony met Olga and her daughter Julia

Now — the second day long meeting with relatives of Alexander Kozulin. Visit political prisoner in Vitebsk colony came his daughter Olga and Julia. The other day the girls were worried that from the Pope was not long letters with information about health and wishes for future meetings. But just a few days came back the long-awaited letter from the colony. Julia Kozulin told about how they prepared for the meeting.
"Here I bake cakes with cabbage, any cakes. Cook cabbage rolls stuffed with fish … In fact, the whole lot. Slightly treat dad."
Recall, yesterday was a year since Alexander Kozulin was sentenced to 5.5 years of imprisonment on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of street riots. Presidium of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party, which is chaired by Alexander Kozulin, adopted a statement on the anniversary of the conviction of their own favorite.
"Power revenge for Alexander Kozulin word of truth about today’s mode, which sounded on television and radio, also in meetings with voters," — said in a statement. — "The Power of revenge prisoner of conscience Alexander Kozulin and now when he is in the bullpen, various chicanery, ruthless, lack of medical attention."
To This time there is no clear information about the health of Alexander Kozulin, who in the past year within 53 days of hunger strike held. Health information Kozulin will be known after the meeting concluded with relatives.
Violation of the regime — an article in the newspaper?
Activist "Young Front" Artur Finkevich serving sentence "chemistry" in Mogilev, again experienced pressure from the administration of the institution. It became clear that he was threatened sending to jail for violating the regime. Another violation of the police have seen that Arthur published an article in the newspaper.
Finkievich sentence ends in December. Young man was sentenced to two years of "chemistry" for political graffiti.
Favorite "Young Front" Dashkevich, who is serving a sentence in Shklou colony on July 20 to celebrate day of birth — he turns 26 years old. Friends decided to celebrate today sporting event. Young people come to the Great to the colony, which will welcome Dashkevycha beeps and light lamps.
A ancestors activist rely on long-term meeting with her son, which they promised administration officials. Let me remind you, Dmitry Dashkevich was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his role in an unregistered organization.
Why Andrei Klimov silent?
Rally in support of: Andrei Klimov timed Mon, July 16th. Adherents of the Joint civilian Party planning to hold solidarity rally in Minsk on October Square. I asked UCP activist Igor Shynkaryk that heard about Andrei Klimov, who fourth month is in prison.
"I can not hear, and that’s the point. We organize rally in his support, because of him any information. Few days back the wife belonged to us Tatyana Klimova and proclaimed that he, too, from nothing, no disk imaging or letters . says that they went to the bullpen, asked they were told that everything is fine with him, but all the same, very worried. "
Andrei Klimov suspected of distributing appeals against the government. Klimova conducted against a criminal case. Policies reported in the letters that are not involved in the investigation, and what do the investigators, it is not clear. Investigators in the case of Andrei Klimov speak to reporters shall be removed.
Also recall after 2 months stay in remand Andrei Klimov was in the prison clinic with acute exacerbation of heart disease. How he feels at the moment, there is no information.
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