Without Balamut — not parliament, and a gathering of sycophants

Participants of solidarity with the families of the missing, held in the evening on September 16 in Minsk, beat armed commandos. Students continue to open a discussion of Liberty this topic:
Sovereign Zinoviev: "I believe that the riot police, military as a military tribunal to judge the Minsk garrison."
Man: "I wish to express a suggestion: let the party members get a white-red-white flags and hang out at home. Indeed, in the center of town with our flags at the moment appear unsafe. My house flag hanging for two weeks and no one, not one policeman no niggles. "
Expression commented Deputy Chairman of the BPF public organization "Revival" Mikhalevich:
"I fully agree with this opinion, with the only indication that the need to hang flags on prazdnichkom. Example, on March 25, July 27, September 8 — to Belarusian our prazdnichkom for people to ask: why now hangs a flag that for prazdnichek? order so that was also an occasion to carry out an information campaign. "
Subject elections — in the subsequent calls:
Man: "I wish to respond to someone that called for" Freedom "and stated that our parliament Screwtape not needed. Even though the scale of the family which is more or less fundamental decision taken after discussion. According to another is impossible. A nationwide this principle even more so. So pochetaemye "Balamut," as you have allowed them to call itself, in parliament needed. And it will not parliament, and a gathering of sycophants. "
Next listener asks:
Man: "Wished to ask listeners to Radio Liberty, both democratic Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich times could come to power such a man as Alexander Lukashenko, how this could happen?"
The question will answer listener public editor this week on Radio Liberty Paul Seviarynets:
"In Belarus times Shushkevich and Kebich such person as Lukashenko, was to come to power. Indeed society that has just freed itself from communism, not repented of his own sins and godlessness, was not on the hard foundation of spirituality and morality. Because the verdict of history was one: populism. This authoritarian aimed at Russia. This historical drama of the Belarusian people, but it is a call to all of us — to repent for the sins of communism. This is fundamentally aware of at the moment, and this issue is very true. "
Continue aaplet statements on other topics:
Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "From the media learned that some pro-government public organizations took the initiative to make the day on September 17, a day a Soviet attack on Poland, solemn funny day. Believe that such an initiative — it izymatelstvo history of Belarus and Poland.’s An insult western Belarusians and Poles. How can consider it prazdnichkom when 10s of thousands, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of Western Belarusians were repressed, or shot, or exiled to the north and Siberia. How can assume prazdnichkom shooting Poles and Belarusians in Katyn How can assume prazdnichkom event in which was eventually resolved second global war? Maybe enough bullying from history? "
Sovereign Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "Listen to what I had intended for you.
Not always give me a listen "Freedom."
Those services are now being forced to announce:
"So are fussing about the care needs of the people,
That are willing and ears and mouth to tie. "
They way the war and the eternal tale
Those rumors that very favorably weave,
After all, sold their conscience for hornblende,
Now that the authorities for their fall.
Only need to remember-"Freedom" as a bird
Hovering high above us circling
And calling everyone: "Do not know the horror,
If you want to get the best share. "
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