Wreath memory Gennadi Bankevich

Gennady Bankevich born May 15, 1930 in the village of Bolshaya Kolpenitsa Baranovichi that were then part of Poland under the Western Belarus. From an early age, contrary to Polish-school education, he realized that they belong to the Belarusian culture, language and civilization, said our radio council spokesman Sojma CCP BPF Valery Buffalo.
"He remembered how they with animation, small, in the thirties Belarusian read books, adored native language, read poetry, deklyamavali.’s How he spent his childhood. Later — war. After the war, an adult, he chose a military career," — told Valery Buffalo.
Gennady Bankevich finished Moscow Academy Air Force Zhukovsky and more than 30 years he worked as a military engineer in various parts Russian Union.
He retired as a lieutenant colonel and immediately joined the Belarusian national revival movement.
1989 Gennady Bankevich elected all Diets Belarusian Popular Front and later the CCP BPF ran regional structures, coordinated the work, organized many Tulloch Kurapaty himself intensively involved in them, doing a lot of routine daily work.
"He showed himself as a beautiful organizer, the best people, with the highest requirements for themselves and for the people — says Valery Buffalo. — We always knew that the cause for which it is taken, will be brought to an end. And people respected him very much for such principles. "
Gennady Bankevich buried on July 8 at the Northern Cemetery capital. Goodbye to friends and colleagues states that such sacrifices and selfless people kept revivalist movement.
It said the council and the executive secretary of the CCP BPF Sojma Ales Cheholsky:
"In life, he was very moderate man, do not push yourself, and only gave. Specifically, these people did and the history of Belarusian revival. For us it is a great loss. "
Do Gennady Bankevich survived by a wife, two daughters and two grandchildren.

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