EU requests release of political prisoners

Ferrero-Waldner called Belarusian authorities "Immediately release all those detained for political reasons, and to respect the inalienable» emnae the right people Belarus to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. "Said in a statement posted on the official website of the European Commission."After the arrest and detention of some activists of the Belarusian democratic opposition in July, with the conviction that I had already spoken, I am concerned by new arrests and detentions reported in the last days, in including Paul Sevyarinets arrest "- the statement says.Paul Seviarynets and 30 people were arrested on August 19 in Brest during a presentation

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In the Young Nyasvizh trial for graffiti

Referee Nesvizh Court sovereign gvozd saw administrative reports on regional activist "Junior Front"Asipovichy of Artsyom Dubski, also nyasvistsav Anastasia Azarko and Olesya Zhukov.We recall that on the night of August 25, police detained four activists of "Young Front", among whom was a minor Anastasia Palazhanka. They were taken to the police station and kept there overnight.Policemen confiscated cell phones and the Young lawyers and refused to call the parents of the detainees. Protocols were only a 10-minute morning, accusing all the small hooliganism.Anastasia Palazhanka told "Radio Liberty", the first time that such an interpretation of the administrative beheld article:"Inscription" Belarus

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A day or figure: 1 million euros

The Foundation provides financial support for a bachelor’s degree or master’s institutions in the Netherlands. Education may include both research and practical training.The program is designed for those Belarusian students who for political reasons difficult to get an education at home. In This year, not counting the Belarusian students in the program will be able to take the role of citizens of Zimbabwe.As said BelaPAN control programs allocating financial aid to study in the Netherlands Daniel van Aken, foreign students can be taken virtually all of the Dutch universities, the leading language learning in the UK. Students receive a stipend

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Nesvizhski tribunal acquitted Anastasia Azarko Olesya Zhukov and Artem Dubski

Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Accused of hooliganism small. Reason for prosecution was the inscription on the fence, who wrote the Young:" Belarus — is sacred. "Policemen claimed that this expression is an affront to society.

Why Surikov again reminiscent of Abkhazia and South Ossetia?

Tsigankov"Why is virtually certain number of days before the parliamentary elections salting Surikov again recall that, Our homeland that very interested to Minsk recognized the independence of 2-republics? Is this a coincidence? "Fedorov"At the moment, Our homeland is very willing, that the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, though acknowledged any of respectable countries. Indeed, until recognized only by Nicaragua, the movement" Hamas ", the Gagauz — and nobody else. It’s just insult one of the closest allies of the Russian Federation is not going to be recognized. Because Moscow presently will use all abilities to achieve this recognition.Why for

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Stanislav Shushkevich: Russia is vorachivaetsya position on the former USSR

Shushkevich: "Russia more vorachivaetsya position on the former Soviet Union and wants to be an empire that threatens the world with nuclear warheads. You see, once excellent Ales Adamovich said that this monster who bristled with its nuclear missiles against the rest of the world. That this goes.Who need it, I do not understand. And what Belarus is bad, and that is the greatest threat — the placement of such structures in the Belarusian countryside — it’s completely understandable. And in this hell we can only lead Lukashenko vernamaskovskae citizenship. "Reporter: "Tell me, how do Your views, must respond Belarusian

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Ales Storozheva: I see his poems in a dream

Kalinowski: "In the midst of verses that you read on this week for "Radio Liberty" sounded spiritual, patriotic and love lyrics. Say what you lure more about what is currently written? "Storozheva: "You know, I see his poems in his sleep. The idea of writing a poem bought my close people. And I myself have not talked to him would, where are certain words, certain images … But at the same time this case done just neprymusova and can already result of judge, as they say, readers, listeners … "Kalinowski: "What kind of themes for you to come over in

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Vasily Siliverstov finished hunger strike

On last week Siliverstov study took place in the center. He asked to learn due to his illness and disability caused by radiation.Consultation center said that he could not qualify his illness and disability as a consequence of Chernobyl without additional inquiries from the military unit where Siliverstov served in 1988. In response, Vasily Siliverstov hunger strike.But most of all outraged Chernobyl liquidator paragraph 4 writing tips consultation: "In connection with multiple demonstration and blackmailing behavior hunger strike three times in the past and the danger of a hunger strike after consultation — be screened in the criteria of the

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Grodno — on school readiness

Man: "All requests funds — and clothes, and shoes, and notebooks."Reporter: "And what does that mean for your household budget: could payroll all purchase needed set aside funds? "Man: "No, we have enough money, you can buy one salary. Thousand Value of all three."Lady: "The computer we have. We all took a little, not all at once, but got hold of and shape, and the rest. "Reporter: "And how much is on the form of such big boy?"Lady: "Is about 100 thousand."Her son: "20 100 thousand."Lady: "Plus shirt. 100 20 — 100 50 thousand rubles. We all acquired without effort.

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Our homeland is dreaming to return to Belarus nuclear weapon?

Russians salting said that does not reject the probable placement in Belarus Russian objects that are "relevant to nuclear weapons" in response to the setting of American protsiraket in Europe. He said that it is dependent on the level of Russian-Belarusian political integration. Also from those of professionals, diplomats, military officers."None of what the reality is essentially the question. It is about the ability to"The representative of the Russian Embassy in Belarus Alexander Frolov talked to him, that meant Alexander Surikov. Our homeland wishes whether to return nuclear weapon in Belarus?"He just said in terms of the probability of such

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