S.Kalinkina: cannabis failed to curb appetite own business

"With those appetite, which he failed to keep. He was really and is very close to the man, Alexander Lukashenko, but very unsuccessfully to use it. Especially since, that this is not the first scandal Vladimir Konoplev.If such was the case of the well-known as "Euroopt" then strolled rumors that it was a final warning to Vladimir Nikolayevich that council person is not required to have at such close entrepreneurs. All clear that at the moment all close to Konopleva person tested in the oil business.Konoplev already had enough, as in next year there will be elections to the Parliament.

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Mogilev firefighters endured activist military glory day

Firefighters accused sovereign Dyachkova that he spread the fire.Oleg Dyachkova, along with 20 activists detained on September 8 in Forest Park Lubusz Mogilev police company of frisky response.In a wooded park activists celebrated day of the Belarusian Military Glory. In October the police department, where activists delivered urgently summoned the inspector of the district department of the Emergencies Ministry, which amounted to an administrative offense.Mogilev Oleg Diachkov not the first who punished fire.On September 4, 155 thousand rubles fined Dmitry Solovyov. Commission blames him for rights violationsyl fire safety in the forest.Oleg Diachkov warning after fire• Mogilev to fight the

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Sentencing postponed Polish spy

The reason is that "the incident opened new business and renewed judicial investigation." This Radio Liberty Spokeswoman Supreme Court Anastasia Tsimanovich.• Supreme Tribunal verdict "a Polish spy", 11.09.2007

Courts expect more 2-10’s man

Nineteen activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front"Received subpoenas in Baranovichy city tribunal. They will be judged from 23 to 26 September for the fact that in a symbol of solidarity with Yaroslav Hryshchenya came to the courthouse.Among those who are going to come to the tribunal, Olga Smolenchuk Dmitri Fedoruk, Tatyana Bulanov, Ella Goreckaya (Member assistance politically repressed), Arsen Parhuta, Hope Krapivina and others.Christina Marchuk outraged police actions:"Policemen behaved very cheeky. They threw women. Brazenly and crudely suggested an intimate relationship … Threatened that another two weeks will keep us. Olga Smolenchuk led by personal inspection. The policeman tried,

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Permit and registration: explanations of the authorities

While registration on the post-Soviet space is preserved only in Turkmenistan and Belarus. But from 1 January of the new year in Belarus, it is canceled.According to the creators of the decree, the registration will help people make better records in the community. Now citizens can be registered at the same address, but live elsewhere.Procedure for registration will be certain restrictions, if compared with European practice.Deputy Director of the center of legislative activity under President Lyudmila Panferova said:"In a moment, we can not immediately proceed to clean the notification procedure without any restrictions, because the institution of registration is closely

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Opposition journalist denounced in Klecka kiberzlodeya

Sergey Ponomarev said Radio Liberty, that in Last year began to receive Tipo inflated the amount of payment for services Kletsk regional communications hub. "In December 2006, when they sent me a bill for 1 million 675 thousand rubles, I appealed to the district police station. And said my name probable robber password to access the web. Reminded police that an employee of the local shops selling computer hardware Dmitry K. repaired my computer and could steal your password ", — says Sergey Ponomarev.Suspicions were justified. Police filed criminal case on the computer pirate. In July the tribunal. Dmitry K.

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For the F-22 in the United States will create a new concept of use

U.S. Air Force developed innovative implementation strategy combat squadrons consisting only of stealth fighters 5th generation F-22 «Raptor» (Raptor). On this weekly said, «Jane’s Defence Weekly.» The basic tactical unit within the latest strategy is a small group of F-22, which is meant to be used napravleniynaneseniya sudden blow to the designated target. Presumably, the continuous cycle of this battle group will be 72 hours and will include the conduct of hostilities, spirited refueling, replenishment of ammunition, and a change in position. This list features the latest strategy from the ordinary, which implies the implementation of huge fighter air groups

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Orsha: Tribunal over Pushkin and Januszewski postponed for tomorrow

During a court hearing this artist Ales Pushkin did not agree with the fact that his actions qualify under Article 10.5 of administrative law.Pushkin insists that kidnapped flag and defiantly threw it out the window of the municipal institutions — a symbol of protest against the unjust detention.This was told by the court Orsha human rights activist Aleh Grablevsky:"Pushkin first court hearing, said his upset by the fact that the police and the Tribunal wish to make him some little thief. Incidentally, during the trial was announced figure, the size of the theft — 9 880 thousand rubles. So many

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Jaroslav Hryshchenya: the arena should go young

Znatkevich: "Yaroslav, now was the first day of the court against you. What are your memories of this process and what sentence do you expect?"Hryshchenya: "It is curious whether you can call this process, so watch all of this and realize that it’s all very simple formal … As you come to the theater all have adrepetavana — Questions, answers … There were some witnesses — people I did not know, but they introduced themselves as members of the Young, which I myself perceived in the organization. With all this all about what the "Young Front", they do not know

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With Tatiana Seviarynets require means for withdrawing from the election

Tatiana Seviarynets that on Sept. 23 refused upcoming role in the elections as a candidate for the Vitebsk-Gorky district number 17, received a letter with the order to return the money spent on campaign.According to Tatiana, the letter indicated the amount that it should return — 1329511 rubles. This figure is very astonished former female candidate, who used to campaign leaflets 560 thousand allocated according to the law of 50 basic units, or 1750 thousand rubles. She called the Commission, where she was pronounced that in charge of it including and the funds invested by the state in its election

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