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On October 26, the office will open BPF exhibition dedicated to the memory of victims of days of Stalinism in Belarus. A September 29 mourning ceremonies commemorating the victims of Stalinist repression held in the park and CHelyuskincev Kurapaty.
Public Committee to commemorate the victims of Stalinist repression supported proposals artist Mikola Kupavy an appeal to the head of the government of the need to build a monument to the victims in Minsk, also an appeal to the Chairman of the Committee of state security and the Minsk authorities about the ability of laying flowers to the building interior bullpen KGB ("American" ) and to the chapel, which is planned to be installed on a street corner Urban Val and Independence Avenue. Lay flowers recently planned days of Remembrance of the Victims of Stalinism in Belarus, which is preparing to celebrate the public on October 29.
It is planned to apply to the Minsk City Executive Committee to hold October 29 meeting-requiem in Kurapaty. Already targeted appeal to Minsk authorities to allocate space for October 25 evening of memory of victims of Stalinism.
"Martyrology of Belarus"
• Road through Kurapaty. — 2002. — 464.: Ill. (PDF 1.5Mb) History obscure protect mass graves of victims of communism during the construction of Minsk ring road. Unique in the history of journalism writing daily report from the 1st place for eight months. Book protected pluses. Presentation in Minsk.

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