A. Borys: Check the Polish ambassador — good will of Poland

Recall the last salting Poland to Belarus Tadeusz Pawlak left Minsk in November 2005.
In his place, the Polish authorities have appointed a deputy governor of the eastern department of the Ministry Foreign Affairs Henryk Litwin. But almost two years in Minsk was the Polish ambassador. What is the reason?
Press secretary of the Polish Embassy Sadkovskaya Monica said:
"I think this question you can set a bit later, when we will be holding a press conference or a meeting with journalists, Ambassador. I think it’s a question for him. "
According to chairman of the Belarusian authorities of the unrecognized Union of Poles in Belarus management Angelika Borys, no ambassador was justified for many reasons:
"It is connected with the events of the Union of Poles, and not only. Out of the total situation. With a range of other anti-Polish companies. But this XXI century. Nobody will lead a diplomatic war. And there salting, there is a person representing President Rzeczpospolita .
Check ambassador — is not pagazhenne situation. He will represent the interests and position of Poland. This does not mean that the situation has changed. Check ambassador — a good will of Poland for Belarusian people. "
Angelica Boris hopes to resolve a number of issues:
"This problem, which stretches a couple of years. This problem the normal functioning of the Polish minority organization of the Polish minority in Belarus in normal conditions. "
Salting came along with his family — he has two sons. He is 48 years old. Previously, he served as Deputy Director of the Eastern policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.
Sovereign Litvin — a career diplomat. He worked in Rome, was deputy ambassador in Moscow, consul in Lviv. Henryk Litwin graduated from the History Department of the Warsaw Institute.

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