A.Buhvostov: nothing has changed

"Nothing to viewpoint democratization process failed. It’s all in a style that exists in Belarus, when trying to rub all points that Tipo have any changes that we all give equal rights, equal rights but no no. I sure like this MP candidate. Leading the agitation, I beheld works for whom Administration of Industry district of Minsk Their is a "separate" candidates, in which they operate. And so everywhere.
Observation suggests that the same principles are preparing to rig. This premature vote when all the people are forced to go to a premature vote in different ways — coercion, intimidation or fool. This is an attempt to push through their own candidate, the administrative resource. To do their conditions, organized meetings in enterprises, schools and so on. The only thing that This time can be candidates to build up power, working on the streets. Everything else is the same. And the same mess in the precinct commissions when land is not ready, there is no list of voters and so on. Nothing much has changed. Task worth doing these settings control of Belarus. "
Observers from the UDF work in the vicinity of 110 70 vicinity there are candidates from the UDF. Was prepared in 2400 observers.

Tags: elections, Bukhvostau, percent

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