A.Kozulin third time punished for breach of prison discipline

In the family Alexander Kozulin learned that the prison authorities punished him by deprivation of short-term appointment, which is scheduled for October. So Makar, another policy meeting with his wife and daughters will be held in late November and will have his day of birth. Wife of former presidential candidate says Ira Kozulin.
"I hope that we will go to him in the colony, and mark the 25th November, together with him, his day of birth. 25th just falls on a Sunday. I already wrote a letter about his wife."
Clear prerequisites punishment Ira Alexander Kozulin unidentified. The lady says that the administration did not explain, they say only that he Tipo "violated prison discipline." Ira Kazulina own version of why the colonies imposed a penalty on her husband.
"I think they secured themselves a formal punishment, so he eventually received amnesty reduction period. Indeed this was the third penalty."
By law, if the prisoner has three penalties, prison administration may be advised not to use him amnesty.
"I saw it fine and pamuzhnelym"
Not so long ago was a year old, was arrested and later sentenced to 18 months imprisonment favorite "Young Front" Zmitser Dashkevich. Activist held in Shklou colony. A few months back the Dashkevycha week placed in the Minsk prison clinic — the young man after the heavy work at the sawmill site appeared back pain. Currently Dashkevich feels better. How was this year for mom activist Olga’s? Lady all year action determines the fate of the offspring.
"A year goes better after our meeting. I saw his fine pamuzhnelym.’s That important for me. Naturally, he boring, but … He has a good appetite. Only lamented, why not bring him raw eggs. I say they also come to blows on the road, and he said: "Mother, in other words the same special containers." But I’m not smart enough … "
Recall, the latest promotions in Belarusian solidarity day on September 16, the youth again took to the streets with placards "Free Dmitry Dashkevich!". Similar actions took place in Minsk, Brest, Baranovichi Soligorsk and in other towns of the country.
"Baranavichy him perfectly groomed"
Youth favorite Paul Seviarynets, who was arrested for 15 days in Baranovichi, sent a letter from the detention center. Mom Tatiana Seviarynets Paul says that no matter what the offspring does not complain, says that everything is fine with him.
"Thank God, everything is fine. He passed all the greetings, conveyed greetings sister Dasha, she is now a day of birth. Yet there he tore his jacket, there is a concern, ask how to repair. Anyway, everything is fine."
According to Tatyana Seviarynets her offspring transmit desired stocks and things for which he thanks all.
"Stroll to him there every day. So he wrote a letter of the 15th, and for this time it has 8 gears carried. So Makar, Baranavichy activists him perfectly groomed. "
Youth activist Artur Finkevich continues to serve a "chemistry" in Mogilev. Recall, the boy was punished for political graffiti recently presidential elections. "I’m all right," — he threw briefly about his own life.
Complaint Andrei Klimov, reportedly has not been discussed in the Minsk city court day and consideration has not been appointed. It said in the court office. Recall last deputy was sentenced to two years of serious mode for appeals against the authorities, vserasprostranennye the Web. Andrei Klimov held in early April in Minsk remand.
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