A.Levinav: We need to change the law on Internal Affairs

Sous: "You were fired from their jobs soon after was incorporated your business into House of Representatives elections. You last precinct — soon people formed partly bad stereotype about police. During the service, the police, had to you to go against your own conscience, their beliefs? "
Levinov: "I did not have to, but many had.’s Concise example — here and there, in 1996, the detention Valery Shchukin, a famous journalist. When he was detained, and his legs thrashed and sticks. Later I talked to these people:" What is all- did you do? This elderly man, so it is impossible. " Some of those that did, have grown to the post of deputy police chief. I explained to them that you have to answer for it at some point. Naturally, they did not like. After the 96th, I was put out of the actions of the opposition, people who disagree with the government, so I could not intervene and prevent those actions officers who, in my opinion, illegal. "
"We have seen the police only as a punitive body"
Rakytskyy: "What you last policeman helps or hinders in the election campaign?"
Levinov: "This is a difficult question. When people think and understand the situation in the country, it helps because they understand why I was fired, it is connected with the election campaign. Those for whom thinks bosses, they say: the police — bad fired — again bad . But such, I think a little. "
Sous: "Affect whether you work your brother, the famous Vitebsk human rights activist Paul Lyavinau?"
Levinov: "Of course. Always as I showed him the ability to legal aid, and he told me. I supported him. When he made a mistake here and there, I corrected him, as everyone can make mistakes. We worked in tandem."
Rakytskyy: "If you elect a deputy, and you’ll have the opportunity, or try somehow to influence the work of law enforcement, and what would you change?"
Levinov: "At first it will be necessary to change the law on internal affairs agencies, the police in the eyes of the people was not punitive body, and first body that protects the rights of people. We are the police is perceived only as a punitive body. I believe that it is completely incorrect."
"The question is who and how to count votes"

Sous: "Your competitor in the district — the House of Representatives of the previous convocation Sergei Semashko. Than his company is different from yours?"
Levinov: "He has been invited to all enterprises, in all schools, and he goes there. His posters hang wherever may be unrealistic. His campaign posters district administrations distribute corporate executives and those already hung themselves. I actually managed to make only 3 x-enterprises. On the other turned me down, using different clues. My campaign posters removed.’s the difference. "
Rakytskyy: "Do you believe that the votes will be counted fairly?"
Levinov: "When dealing with people, and while collecting signatures, and during the campaign, I have often heard from ordinary people, that they are against Semashko and will vote for me because they believe in me, know me as a district — it is a big railway district. But you ask the right questions. question is not how people vote, but who and how will count the votes. If you look, for example, to the actions of the district election commission on my 19th District Railway, I doubt very much that votes are counted correctly and honestly. " Tags: elections, Vitebsk

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