A. Marochkin: It’s a pity that the museum is locked in Golshany

On November 10, a meeting of the political council of the United Democratic Forces, which will discuss the difficulties of the opposition for making configurations in the electoral law. One of the favorites SLM Viktor Kornienko said, "Freedom."

"In the Sun coalition subjects bring their proposals regarding the composition of the Group. How will people? Will depend continued. If the 500-700 people that emphasizes the seriousness of the goals of political parties, then we will continue . "
November 10 will be held Tribunal over five activists of the Young Front, who were detained on November 7 after a protest near the monument to Dzerzhinsky. "Communism to court" — a banner in front of the building, activists kept the KGB, for what amounted to their administrative report. Activists facing arrest up to 15 days.
November 11th will be held in Poland on the occasion of the celebration of the 90th anniversary of restoration of independence of the country. In Warsaw at the invitation of President Lech Kaczynski gather favorite 10’s countries in the world. Belarus received an invitation last presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich. Activist movement "For Freedom!" Ales Lahvinets said plans Milinkevich sovereign, who is chairman of the unregistered organization.

"The program will continue the celebration all day on November 11, starting with the parade, gala dinner later that gives the President of Poland and later gala ball."
A few hours earlier in Washington known Belarusian journalist, editor of "New Era" Alexis King be awarded "Knight Award."
This credit once a year in the United States celebrate a courageous and dedicated employees work their own media. Recently the departure from Minsk Alexey Lord said, "Freedom."

"The award is small, it could be told — only 1 tyscha bucks. But she prestigious in the sense that it is aimed at providing the general public solidarity and peace with the situation with freedom of speech in other countries."
November 12 will be held in Mogilev day Israel, which will be held under the unveiling of the monument to the victims of Nazism. According to data for the second time World War I Belarus lost about 800 thousand Jews.
And on Thursday, November 13th at the State Museum of History and Culture will open the exhibition "Road to Independence". Scientists promise guests a unique museum of historical documents and artifacts.

Saturday, November 15th will be the last days of the branch of the State Art Museum in Golshany. The branch is located in a former Franciscan monastery which has not been repaired for many years and came to the emergency condition. Bureaucrats they say that this is the main reason for the closure of the branch, and with all this were not offered another building. Recognizable painter Alexei Marochkin in favor of the return of the monastery buildings were believers, and for the preservation of the museum in Golshany.
"I think the Ministry of Culture fully protects such regional local museum, although they are under the care of the ministry. Great pity that such museums are locked, which are centers of culture, promote our art and history."

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