A.Rasinski: I believe that the Belarusian art still astound the world

I believe in the Lord, our Lord Jesus Christ.
And parents can be called only p1 person — and Heavenly Father.
I believe in Belarus God lives — and about her He has his own thoughts. But no one group and none favorite is not able to assign it.
Polls, voting, party and facade — have no true values, despite the noise and the results of the manipulation.
The truth is realized, and not cited.
I believe that the most sophisticated available Cinématographe shifts of the human soul, and the display whenever unfolds lurking incarnations — quietly and inconspicuously.
And Belarusian art still astound the world, if it is capable of surprising itself.
I believe that man is free when the commandments of God.
And in the most weighty criteria Bondage is always a breath of light that blows where it wishes.
I believe in byazmezhnasts human mind — if he understands its own limits.
And there is a reliable fantasy — when committed to the truth.
I believe that evil is always an imposter mortal deprivation throne. But the fight is taking place in every heart.
I believe that dies and is reborn in Christ — has an endless life.

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