Ales Storozheva: I see his poems in a dream

Kalinowski: "In the midst of verses that you read on this week for "Radio Liberty" sounded spiritual, patriotic and love lyrics. Say what you lure more about what is currently written? "
Storozheva: "You know, I see his poems in his sleep. The idea of writing a poem bought my close people. And I myself have not talked to him would, where are certain words, certain images … But at the same time this case done just neprymusova and can already result of judge, as they say, readers, listeners … "
Kalinowski: "What kind of themes for you to come over in your sleep?"
Storozheva: "Themes of spirituality. Some time I lived, like all people, especially not direct attention to the work on the soul. As they say, faith — it is a gift of God. And 10 years ago, I became closely acquainted with our famous poet of the sacred fire, the monks Nicholas, and something changed in my life. more I began to pay attention to their spiritual literature. This topic touched me, and most of the poems — in the context of spiritual poetry. "
"It is disturbing that not a» unity of civilization and especially its elite"
Kalinowski: "One of the poems," Gorki wreath bow, "you intended blessed memory Anatolia Sys. What you is" bitter wreath bow, "what you have more anxiety as a poet and citizen now?"
Storozheva: "How was born on this verse in one of the rooms" Lima "was a portrait of Anatolia, where he was a wreath with a bow at the neck. Later, when I once met him, born the image of man, where they are mixed and bitterness, and greatness. I remember when I signed Tolia own collection of poems he wrote all but one word — "I love you." People like myself did not conduct, and the soul was exalted, untainted soul of this poet.
And that hurts … If outright say — last meeting with his fellow writers: nowhere encounter, not its own corner of the room, the room … Partying — you need to find msetsa. Thank God for the presentation of their own books I find a place only in some places in the temples, in some places in the parish buildings where my friends here and priests allowed to snuggle.
Worried that shared Alliance, and on the one hand there were people who are not indifferent to you and loved ones, on the other hand loved ones. For example, with the left side of Victor Shnip, I once wrote an afterword to my books and printed me "Lima". On this side — people who are very distressed state are, that this bitter wreath … Here we share it. And, unfortunately, there is not no way out. Nchoga not do to use this great potential to either side, not on the» unity of civilization and especially its elite. "
"I do not share class technical and lyrical affair"
Kalinowski: "You are the creator of a number of technical inventions. How do you think that you invented in poetry?"
Storozheva: "First, as a creative person, I do not share class technical and lyrical thing that helps write poetry. Us "techies", taught accuracy stsplastsi, specifics. And when I start to turn to poetry, I for myself asking a bar that I need limited words intelligible ideas, colorful, expressive views put some of his poetry in some effort.
At the same time, when I do own technical matter, I come to it with lyrics prazdnichkom, music. I am majoring in caster, and ours is a very languid — the highest temperature in the shops, bad ecology, and without creativity, without humor suited to its own case very hard. "
Kalinowski: "So Makar, your two faces of the poet and equipment» connects voedinyzhdy creativity?"
Storozheva: "Only in this way."
Poll: Who is more middle of Belarusians — physicists or lyricists?

Kalinowski: "So, no romance leads nowhere, as said one of the participants of this survey?"
Storozheva: "This is a fallacy. Romanticism in a sense — it raznyavolenasts, will, freedom. I like the last tourist and athletes know that without some avanturnastsi, fugitive neabachlivastsi impossible to make sur» harsh step. Romanticism has in poetry, and in the work — scientific discoveries were romantics man took up the theme, which is provided to all boundless, and he wanted, did invention and highly uplifted this idea and this case.
I would not shared human — probably the most sad when heard the word "pragmatist." In a certain sense, pragmatism — not a bad thing, it should be in politics, in science, and if we are talking about a person’s identity, the unit of God, then, as the monks Nicholas: if every person there obedience, which the Lord gave him and people should carry it out, then here it should use both romanticism and pragmatism, and accurate preparation of techno. "
"Parents, we are grateful for the birth, and grandfathers — for talent"
Kalinowski: "You recently released a book of diaries his grandfather Joseph Golubeva entitled" My Happiness "- naming it called a big street in Minsk …"
Storozheva: "I dug in the archives of these diaries, published, 20 years have passed since the first publication in the" Russian Belarus, "the publication of this book. I was curious as to what happened during the German occupation of Poland and that the newspapers — there I added that Minsk newspaper wrote about the development of the BNR, Belarusian schools, kindergarten. struck me that when it was announced the creation of the BNR, ethnic Belarusians, who time left in Siberia, sent letters to the wish to return to Belarus … I found in the vaults photo Vladislav Dove signed my grandfather, with whom he was friends … When I brought these photos in the living room Dove, they say they are — we do not have such … "
Kalinowski: "Very Worthwhile record I was just difficult to understand how to this man was combined communist outlook and extreme religiosity, which is visible in this blog? "
Storozheva: "First of all, very hard to be impartial» to own kin … All you want to add features that are missing … And at the same time I was not at all difficult to talk about the grandfather. Reading the letters that have survived — some of them since the last century, addressed to his grandfather from his grandmother — and every time (he was originally from Nizhny Novgorod provinces), they began with the words: "The Lord bless you …" This is grain, which was abandoned in the heart of my grandfather. A seed germinates, when certain conditions are created.
People at that time very intelligent — G.Buravkin called him to join "the first national intellectual" — he knew how to do everything with your hands. Studied foreign languages, worked galvanaplyastykay was a beautiful wood-carver. 40 years, he worked in a foundry — I got an inheritance class … "
Kalinowski: "And also his poetic approach to life …"
Storozheva: "I am generally very similar. We are grateful for the birth parents, and grandparents — for talent."

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