Andrei Melnikov: I believe in miracles

Faith in eternity, and omnipotence of the triune God.
Believe that Christ, the Son of God, suffered for the sins of all people, rose from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those people opened all the way to life endless.
Faith in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, to which all living. And the more, the more is revealed to me the liveliness of the saints. The first was the Mother of God — in the Gomel St. Peter and St. Paul in the year 2004 with an intent stare large icons. It was a list of God’s Moms Minsk.
Continue to live the Virgin was revealed gaze of the other icons, accomplished living encounter with Christ’s eye.
Even if This was not the vision of a living eye, appeal to certain saints through their images showed a real connection with the mysterious world, where they are. And almost immediately came to help the sufferer skorapaslushnaga Tryphon help Seraphim of Sarov, it is not so long ago came the magic constant aid of St. Nicholas …
Believe in miracles. Sometimes they take place once a day. Magic — is that not deterministic, that is contrary to the theory of probability, formal and of another of his logic, what happens to him in spite of better. Magic maturation magic salvation magic stay, mutual understanding and reconciliation magic, the magic of success Prayers and magic words.
I believe in prayer. Prayer — it stasavanne with God, sanctuary and tremendous happiness when it, that God hears you. The very understanding of all kinds of services and more attention from society, every country and their constituents. Merit attention and temporary insignificant in comparison with eternity contact.
Faith in the Word. The Word of God reflected in the books of distant perfection mnagagreshnyh Bible characters, reading lights next new meaning and new aspects, especially shines when combined reading and general service.
I believe in the inevitability of collegiality and came to her. I believe in the image of God in every person and in the possibility of his awakening in each. In 2006, a strong impetus to this belief was the discovery of entirely human, sparkling, without malice, anger and horror kids eyes to the almost complete absence of mind at the shelter Molnitsa village a few kilometers from the Ukrainian-Romanian border. It came during a pilgrimage to the head of the orphanage and convent Banchen that is located on the four hundred and forty acres of land Bukovina father Misha Heat, man with 3 heart attacks and cancer of the blood of the same age and the same age as my Ales Pushkin and Levon Volsky, who own love light exceeds perhaps the three of us put together.
Believe in Love — the most important of God’s names recognizable to us. Specifically opposes Love horror, death and entropy. In no love horror perfect Love overcomes evil, and makes a real resurrection.
Faith in civilization, patriotism, memory and tradition as part of the foundation of his personality.
I believe in destiny and the ability to execute it one hundred percent.
Faith in the Eucharist and the Liturgy.
I believe in freedom and in that real freedom — only in Christ.
Andrei Melnikov — bard. Lives in Gomel.

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