Andrei Skurko: Liberty Names excellent read on the road

According to the views of the cerebral editor "Nasha Niva"Andrei Skurko, Vladimir Orlov book perfectly readable on the road.
"The collected essays in her figures of Belarusian culture and politics in general Belarusian movement over the past century just that size and of the particular measures which simply leaves a person flegmantichnym.
Reading this book, you realize that this is not an encyclopedic reference, dry, historical, whatever it might be, and that it is still an art book. Many readers were surprised to see that some persons represented in the book, they might know, to create, to hear about them, and after reading the book itself becomes even warmer.
I think very fundamental moment in this book were not only those figures, which we normally think of pillars, foundations on which rests our current Belarusian culture, Belarusian society. But in the book and got figures like Ivan Solonevich who was on totally different ideological positions. But yet was, there was a Belarusian. I think it is very principle, "- says Andrey Skurko.
I directed attention creator of "Names of Freedom" Vladimir Orlov that the fate of most of his book heroes have very tragic. Though there were exceptions, and they are more concerned Belarusian emigration figures.
"Those whom fate has measured a long life, this life all the same can not be called normal happy because long years lesila live those who lesila part with homeland ", — says Vladimir Orlov.
Presentation of the book "Names of Freedom" in Minsk and the Web — Friday, September 21. The address in Minsk — "Varvashenya", 8, beginning at 18:00. The address on the web —
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