Are you satisfied with the quality of education in Belarus?

Young Man: "Yes, all happy. And how teachers teach and everything else. Like the teachers are not violate your rights. "
Student: "I am very happy. Myself student BSTU and happy as we are taught. State Technical Institute prepares good professionals. Teachers could be stricter, so that the spices were more educated."
Student: "I am satisfied, but the problem is that no dormitories. I was lucky with this not because while renting an apartment."
Young Man: "I’m happy. Belarus a good education — better than other statesah. "
Young Man: "I’m happy. Normally graduated from high school, scored points, he entered the Polytechnic."
Student: "It’s okay, like the teachers work with us."
Schoolboy ‘teacher professionalism satisfied. "
Reporter: "Are you satisfied with the quality of education in Belarus? Is the level of knowledge that your offspring gets in school?"
Ms. schoolboy with his son: ‘We ran to the 73rd school, and then pleased. A previously been at another school — and were unhappy with the quality of teaching. Especially foreign languages were given very little, although the school was special. "
Woman: "education happy. I am a student at the Polytechnic Institute, and we have excellent teachers."
Young Man: "Very badthe quality of education. Great teachers, great explain. "
The Emperor with his son: "One of their very loaded. Earlier offspring trained in special schools, and there waslearn about unrealistic. I had to translate it into everyday. Now although the study. And these special schools, with different slopes, very harmful to the health of the kid. He is there and undermined health. Now that’s a long time treated. "
Student: "It’s looking where. If the institutions, the highest level of municipal and personal — no. Though there and personal with enough great teachers, and give more knowledge. But there already so not worth pursuing, because these institutions diplomas not highly valued in Belarus. "

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