Around Krivsk lock protection zones

In This year to the end of the year project is meant to create security zones Krevo castle, monument of the XIV century. This was said to BelaPAN control works director of Minsk "Center for regeneration of historical and cultural landscapes and territories" Alexander Kropotov.
By him, because around the castle remained historical buildings that would have made a unique architectural environment, an urgent need to create a project of security zones, which would regulate all work on the surrounding areas.

Brand new buildings can replenish the lost structure in their original size heights, but in modern forms

"Question Project buffer zone of the monument where prohibited any work, project development control zone, where permitted the construction of modern buildings on the basis of a certain scale for previously compiled historical and architectural plan. In this case, brand new buildings can replenish the lost structure in their original size heights, but in modern forms. In addition, to create the project area of protected landscape "- said of Kropotov.
Because the project owner made Krevo village council, whose financial capabilities are very limited part of the work on a grant basis to students entrusted to perform construction faculty of the Belarusian State Technical Institute.
As noted, the Kropotov, spices own materials sufficient for the restoration of the initial form of Krevo castle.
The plan he is wrong quadrangle surrounded by stone walls on two-meter base. In the southern wall of the castle was the emergency exit, and cut through the western wall of the main entrance. Protection lock fastened two corner towers, located on iskosok. At a height of 10 meters has been fighting gallery.
The castle elaborated conditions Krevsk Union August 14, 1385 — Municipal union between majestically Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish kingdom. Castle survived the siege Perekop Tatars in 1503-1506 years, troops capture the capital governor in 1519, and the tragedy of the First World War I.
In the 30s of the last century the castle was carried out conservation, and after the war — archaeological research areas of the monument.

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