As inhabitants of Vitebsk relate to the substitution of residence for registration?

Lady: "I treat this with laughter. I suspect that it made for people to run again in the passport office to pay any new taxes. State funds also need somewhere to take! Soon it will take for the air we breathe! "
Man: "This residence was once introduced at Stalin. And, certainly, it is a feature of the totalitarian system. Because it was necessary cancel. But I am afraid that check — it will be the veiled residence. And we still we have a lot of trouble with this recording! "
Lady: "With one side, it is excellent: you can live in what you want campuses. And with On the other hand, this is bad: you’re kind of nowhere live. "
Woman: "The guys will be fine from the army to hang — no registration is easier to hide, for sure."
Young Man: "I think it’s better if there is registration. Since it reliable. A registration — so, now there, and gone tomorrow. Permit — a stamp in the passport. And I for a residence permit, I am against the registration."
Lady: "I do not see any difficulty. Maybe, as long as the real has faced. But if on September 1, something will change, then we’ll see. And yet — did not belong to it. "
Woman: "No, this is bad! Have to run, put some other stamps. No registration needed anyway! Let it be like at the moment: I have a residence permit, and nothing more is necessary."
2nd woman: "I think it’s cool! Currently in some towns demand that certainly was a residence permit, and without it impossible to get a job. And so — it’s a plus for us, we can live anywhere without a residence permit and find a job for yourself. It will be easier and easier! "
Man: "This is not yet enough disk imaging, but the idea of the abolition of registration and its substitution for registration I am fine. In This is the meaningNot all people with the constitutional right to freedom of movement in the country. After the institution of registration restricted these rights.
On the other hand, the practice of introducing various decrees and orders of the President indicates that it is unlikely to be so much a revolutionary step. Register — it will be very like residence, but just a little is a liberal this institution. "

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