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Many of the letters we receive from our listeners in these September days are — on the elections. The main day of voting — in the subsequent Sunday, September 28, but polling stations davneshney Belarusian wont open from Tuesday already, and power is encouraging people to vote early.
I’ll start from the letter of the current conversation on the boycott, which sent Vladislav Miscavige of Braslava. A listener writes:

"Not very much attention to whether giving RL talking-about the so-called" elections "? For years it is clear that our elections — without any choice. And how can fluctuate, it is worth to boycott the vote? It gets busy on the nerves. Get at least the opposition under control Vyachorka, who initially decided to participate, and later — to remove your candidacy own representatives. However, their senses are in the main after many were not included in the list of candidates.
And yet it seems that in the end the opposition began to listen to the words of the boycott Pozniak. Anyone who goes to the polling station — ally regime (whether he knows it or not).
International observers will be able to assist us only when half-empty polling stations will record. Falsification is, as they say, on the surface. Let then the authorities boast that vote came 70 or 80 percent.
In an unpleasant case (if men come) will not help no supervision, because the machine fraud in Belarus debugged specifically, "-

— So says Vladislav Braslava of Miscavige.
Indeed, sire Miscavige, discussions about boycotting the elections was in the midst of the Belarusian opposition throughout the next time a lot. But all ended that last Sunday the leaders of the United Democratic forces on their final meeting this idea practically abandoned. Decided to focus in the main on the control of the vote counting and preparation of the protest, which will take place in Minsk on the evening of 28 September.

Our listener Ivan Kazhevny Grabyaneva village of Mogilev district sent to the "Freedom" an invitation from the PEC with the proposal to vote early. Sovereign Kazhevny directs attention to the fact that in order to vote, not necessarily carry a passport for themselves — rather identity. Student writes on this subject:
"It is curious that for certification are referring to those who sent the invitation? Maybe I should take a neighbor’s license stropalshchyka vote and come with him? By the way, in a similar way and is done in Belarus in all elections.
I believe that no other passport document can not change. Try to get a pension, not presenting a passport and a certificate.
Why the election, where it is decided the main issues for the country — to whom to entrust power — though quite what papers? Neuzh power would consider us for fools? Or maybe it’s commonplace scam that only confirms the illegitimacy of such makarom elected so called "deputies"? "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" from the village of Ivan Kazhevny Grabyaneva Mogilev region.
Catchy, sire Kazhevny that this same feature of the Belarusian election campaign drew attention in its own recent report by observers from the OSCE mission. In Belarus, there is no centralized consolidated list of voters, there is no accounting at the national or at the district level. This means that a voter using a dozen different identities can vote many times at different sites.
Anatoly Zherdev Gomel devotes its attention to the state of the Belarusian health care system, that in almost all areas of spending on health care, outpatient clinics and locked, people have to travel 10 km matches to get an appointment with the doctor. A listener writes:
"Our country, already poor, allows for a whopping defense spending (from whom?) On the SWAT police. Military and police units are taken to practice maneuvers and abroad, spending millions of dollars on it. But the fact to visit on best practice in the world of young medical clinics, means there is not expected. With this approach, our medicine expects degradation. Already I hear from friends doctors that they are not willing to send their own kids to college.’d rather go to the riot: and especially do not need to study, and wages are higher, and retire early. A bandit suffer from the doctor may even more than amonavets.’s not so long ago in Gomel wounded bandit knife hospital doctors. Occasionally, humanoid creatures with a hangover is not willing to go to work and brazenly require hospital sick leave. Absolutely not so long ago I was an eyewitness to the case such conversation. Responding to danger pyantosov had to intervene and me. Curiously: police enough for it to guard officials to catch and to discredit the opposition. But at protecting doctors do not.
Degradation of medicine if it will continue to take, will entail the extinction of the people. And cheap money taken from medicine referred to as protection, will only worsen the situation. With such policies, we die out without war "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Anatoly Zherdev from Gomel.
Alexander Lukashenko in response to such criticisms once said that health must not find in hospitals and clinics, and in the stadiums and sports venues. This his remark in Belarus became state policy: hundreds of millions of dollars are sent to the construction arenas, sports arenas, to finance professional sports. At the same time average wages of health workers is several times lower than in the handyman in construction.
Maybe there is a reason that health is to be found at the rink with a stick in his hands. But go to the hospital everyday, wait in line for many hours old, unhealthy, helpless people and try to convince them that in their best interest not to direct municipal funds for health care, and to build another ice palace in the next regional center of Mogilev region.

Alexander Lapitsky
Minsk speaks about business Belarusian authorities to the Russian-Georgian conflict. In his letter to the "Freedom" listener writes:
"In Sochi, during a meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Alexander Lukashenko did not support Russia and its Federal Government. He said that our homeland is able to wage war — and only. And this is not enough. Here I am a victim of political repression demand that President Lukashenko recognize the independence of Abkhazia and southern asetynav.
Replaced in order to become a near Moscow, the Belarusian president began to cheat, flirt with the West. Certainly, hopes that as he and his bureaucrats to get avoid of the International Court. Personally, I think this behavior is immoral "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Alexander Lapitsky from Minsk.
Clarify, sire Lapitsky that during the Sochi meeting with President Medvedev, which was accomplished immediately after rather short Russian-Georgian war, Alexander Lukashenko supported acts of the Russian Federation in the Caucasus, referred to them "measured, wise and beautiful."
As regards the independence of Georgia’s breakaway regions, then let me remind you it is not recognized not only no European country, but not even one of the Russian Federation in the Commonwealth partnerak independent states.
Created subsequent letters — the last teacher Misha Kuzmenkov Magileva.Stratsivshy work with, he had been four years trying to prove that the dismissal was illegal. Walking on the courts and offices of officials persuaded the emperor to Kuzmenkov subsequent conclusions about the current bureaucratic system that exists in Belarus. A listener writes:
"Frauds and scams, and telephone right radial bail became driving forces in the nomenclature of the bureaucrat. What is not protected by the legitimate rights of the people — that’s an understatement. Violate the law everywhere — even where there is need to look for his execution. < br>Eventually me and my kids (and they have three) already 4 years endure suffering and deprivation because I illegally dismissed from school.
A referee after my appeal to the Presidential Administration initiate a criminal case — Tipo I avoid paying maintenance. I pay them often, every month. Debt was formed during the time that I was registered in the Employment Center and for its own account was trained in the specialty "Jurisprudence", —

— Said in his own letter to the "Freedom" Misha Kuzmenkov of Mogilev.
In our post very many similar letters, whose creators, lost work years without result try to challenge his dismissal. Courts usually side with the administration of the employer. Made in Belarus contract system of employment of displaced workers leaves much little chance in such disputes.
A-independent unions who would dare contradict the administration to defend the rights of employees, there is almost nowhere. At least, talk about the trade unions are independent in the school did not return.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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