Authorities engaged in foreign priests and missionaries

This statement was manufactured Bobruisk during a discussion of ethno-confessional situation in Belarus. The Committee on Religious and Ethnic Affairs declined to comment. Bureaucrats refer to the fact that all laws should be improved, and therefore prepared configuration. Head of Religious Affairs Alexander Kalin Pronunciation:
"This decision of the Council of Ministers. Was ancient ruling on Invitation of the priests and their activities on the territory of the country. Currently there any configuration drift.’s All. Still pending. If it is accepted, and then can be comment on something. "
The representative of the Belarusian Exarchate of the Orthodox Church Andrew Olezhka considers that the planned configuration in order the activities of foreign missionaries and priests called state security considerations:
"Most likely there any judgments regarding a state security. I mean, when someone instead of religious activities involved in political activity. Such examples were. I think that just at this moment can turn their attention to the government."
But in practice, even now foreign missionaries, priests and aid workers were suffering from authorities made obstacles. This is stated in the report of the Municipal Department nedavneshnem USA. Departovvali foreigners from Belarus and refused to issue visas. According to Belarusian human rights activists, the year the country had to leave more than 25 foreign priests and missionaries.
Not so long ago with the Grodno region had to leave seven priests and five sisters zakonnits. About how it explained the government knows a parishioner of a community where the priest had gone overseas, Ira Selinevich:
"They believe that enough already own. So many years of working here Grodno Seminary. Already Pinsk gradually begins to produce priests. And sorry for some of them to 18 years and then worked more church raised here.
It is clear that all the priests over time leave, who come from Poland or abroad, because their will. But, so its the rose, you must also give them a little time. There is still a situation that on Sunday the priest shall several parishes immediately pass the Messiah to send a Sunday. "
Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich considers that the conditions for the operation of various denominations in Belarus differ. He recalls the cooperation agreement between the state and the Orthodox Church:
"I regard this as a desire creation monopoly 1st of worship of others. I think, interested government and the Orthodox Church in the Non-Proliferation of other religious cults on areas of Belarus."

According to sociological data, about 50 percent of people consider themselves to Belarus one or another denomination, but the Belarusian authorities insist that 80 percent of the country’s inhabitants are Orthodox, 14 — Catholics, 2 — Protestants.
As of January 2007 Belarus was Recorded 3103 25 denominations, religious communities, in including 1399 — Orthodox, 493 — Evangelical Christians, 440 — Catholics, Baptists, 267, 74 — Adventist 29 — Jews, 27 — Lutherans, 24 — Muslims.

• U.S. State Department: "The Belarusian government restricts freedom of religion", 14.09.2007

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