Award ceremony held Dmitry Zavadsky laureate 2007

On the festive award ceremony was attended by Dmitry Zavadsky columnist ORT Pavel Sheremet, Dmitry Zavadsky mom Olga G., Svetlana Zavadskaja Yuri Zawadzki, journalists and ambassadors of the European Union.
Grodno journalist Natalia Makushina after the award said a few words to Radio Liberty:
"Very grateful to my staff that pushed me to this degree that again reminds us the name of this brave man indeed and spices Dmitry Zavadsky. I worry, because it is very hard to stand in front of these cameras. It seems that it is easier to work in our languid criteria than the now occur here … But very pleasant excitement. "
Voice Anatoly Hatouchyts:
"To become the winner of a very prestigious award for courage and professionalism is very nice. Our duty — to find out what fate Dmitry Zavadsky. This imposes on us a certain duty. Engaged in journalism and not be brave — our criteria is simply unrealistic."
Another winner, a member of the weekly "Belarusians and Market" Gennady Barbarych added:
"With Zawadzki I met in September 1997, when the case for the transfer of the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. It seemed to me that if we recapture the country coming to the ORT journalists, then everything will change in Belarus. But I was wrong. Brad had just begun. I vyznat many horrible facts. "
Pavel Sheremet with regret in Belarus tragic rate decreases the number of private publications.
Belarusian Association of Journalists gave online "People’s Will" Joseph Seredich prize named Igor Hermyanchuk. During the award Joseph Syaredzich Pronunciation:
"I knew this man. And not only as a journalist, as an editor, but as a public figure of enormous proportions. Thanks Igor Hermyanchuk, Poznyak and all those MPs who helped them, and we were able to defend the sovereignty and solve many other at the time of pressing problems. "
Journalists congratulated own fellow laureates. Follow the ceremony to be held in September next year.
Today’s award winners
Journalists present
Mom Dmitry Zavadsky Olga G.
Svetlana Zavadskaja, Jeanne Litvin, Pavel Sheremet

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