Bandazheuski shows confirmation Chernobyl diseases

In Weimar Bandazheuski from France brought the manuscript own future books. As the newspaper writes Thuringische Landeszeitung, in this research work provides confirmation of the influence of small doses of radiation on the human body, illustrate certain "Chernobyl" in the midst of diseases Belarusian kids. In pictures — boys and girls with different genetic defects, severe damage to the central nervous system pathology of various internal organs. "Belarus is moving toward a demographic catastrophe" — said the Belarusian scientist.
By Bandazheuski, Chernobyl is its "real cross." "For the desire to convey the truth about the consequences of his compatriots of this man-made disaster, the scientist had to spend many years in prison, languishing withstand physical and psychological tests," — writes Thuringische Landeszeitung.

"Belarus is moving toward a demographic catastrophe."

On the question of the German journalist, doctor hopes to return home, Bandazheuski replies: "There is hope, but today’s chances look good. After my dream — it is an opportunity to work at home, also free to live and speak freely. "
Chapter Weimar Chernobyl initiatives Hartmut Kepler said he had had discussions with influential German politicians about creation for Bandazheuski relevant criterion for life and work. Kepler also wants a day of the 50th anniversary Bandazheuski, December 9, to nominate the doctor as the new chairman of the organization. Belarusian scientist and political prisoner also presented for a Prize in Weimar Human Rights
• Will open in Homel laboratory Bandazheuski?, 20.08.2007

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