Belarusian Atlyantyda: Minsk Enigma

In 1937, in the 2nd edition of the "Little Russian Encyclopedia" in the article about the city is written as follows: "Minsk is famous since the 11th century. Initially, he was on the river Menke, in 1067 was looted, burned Kiev prince Izyaslavom and transferred to Svisloch River. "
This conclusion was endorsed by the official Russian science for a long time there were undisputed. But in the late 1950s, some scientists have begun to substantiate that Minsk has always stood on its own site. Since then subsides dispute about the location of the initial capital of Belarus.

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "In Minsk studio without barriers we talk with historian Zahar Shibeko — one of the most noble history researchers Minsk. In These days are in connection with the 940th anniversary of the town saw the publication of his brand-new book about the Belarusian capital — "Minsk 100 years ago."
Sovereign Shibeko what your version — where to begin Minsk? "
Zahar Shibeko "Where Minsk started, I think, is the secret for a long time yet. This secret, almost buried in the ground. Scale excavation can only answer this question. And while some archaeologists led by Dr. Zhoroj bayonet believe that Minsk was indeed Menke laid on the river that empties into the nearby Ptych from Dzerzhinsk. Hence the title of town. Others, led by Dr. Edward Zagorulskim say that not only Ptych, and had its Svislach Menke, which, however, was dry, but because no transfer of Minsk was not. "
Rakytskyy: "So, where Minsk began even before a day or remained an enigma. A precise date when celebrating Minsk Belarus?"
Shibeko: "And this question nobody really answer. By tradition, we believe the founding year of the cities first mention of them in the chronicles. Minsk was marked attention chronicler March 3, 1067 in connection with the bloody battle between relatives Nyamiha-Rurikid for predominance on the East Slavic lands. But the town existed before. He was the principal center Krivichi reign. And it can be argued that we This year reported at least a millennium of our capital. Another sanctuary — the place where the battle Nyamiha? Also, no one knows. They say even that it happened near the town Nyamiza. For many, the secret is and where modern Minsk was a castle and fortress of the old town. And this is — segodnyaschy area on March 8. Ancient ruins of a cut after the war under the bulldozer and cleared on the site built bus station, and later — the underground station "Nyamiha." Where did people know that there once was an old castle Minsk? "Rakytskyy:" Does it seem to you that all the mysteries of his theory of transference Minsk looks more indescribable? "
Shibeko: "I do not deny and transport theory. Throughout our own history in Minsk is not standing still as mysterious city constantly" hovering "or try" tolerated "in space. XVI century in the historical center of the town of Nemiga transported to the modern Liberty Square. early XIX century old castle Ming jumped from the left bank to right Nemiga after, as Ming zemlyavlasnik Chernotsky blocked lower riverbed near today Peter and Paul Church. As a result Nyamiha flowed toward the Sports Palace today and become indulge in Svislach upstream and no longer right and left of the castle, substituting his right to save. After the last war, so easily turn into a model capital Minsk, the city-tale supposed to move it to a new location. Build near the middle of the field of pure. And this project was not meaningless. If the transfer took place, we would have kept the image of an old Minsk. "
Rakytskyy: "And what was the logic here?"
Shibeko: "Russian authorities in Byelorussia faced with the problem of transformation of ordinary provincial town to the capital. Was necessary to get rid of the provincial appearance, but lacked the necessary funds. After the war, they found the ruins of the Bolsheviks, which, incidentally, dachynilisya themselves began build the perfect socialist city. Bolsheviks did the latest capital cost ruin an old building, the cost of destroying the memory of the past. "
Rakytskyy: "The situation repeats itself?"
Shibeko: "Indeed, repeated. Highest rank more capital-independent Belarus asks more victims. So it was for the title of the capital of an old town and its history of disastrous."
Rakytskyy: "Why specifically Minsk so often destroyed?"
Shibeko: "In the sense of devastation Minsk — really unique city. Originating at the crossroads, at the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations, it has survived and survived, not burnt to the ground, when in fact, no war in the Belarusian lands it did not fail. Destroyed in Minsk 1067, 1084, 1506, 1655, 1706-1707, 1812, 1918-1920, 1941-1944. And whenever revived. On the zigzag path of the historic town shows at least the fact that its main street over a private 200-year history ( since 1800) changed the title 10 times. Each new owner rules here own ball. Because, of course, no accident that Minsk became the capital that was invested in its development and invested huge amounts of money, but the fact that it happened and is happening not on the basis of the Belarusian tradition, and on its ruins. Rank though what makes the capital city busy, moving, living social organism. It gets the prospect for development. And Minsk will be great future if it is based on public resources. "Rakytskyy:" It is clear that the status of the Belarusian capital was unbalanced, controversial. Minsk could lose the title of the capital, but miraculously stopped him. Why? "
Shibeko: "Russian authorities did not consider the long-term capital Minsk undeniable. Bolsheviks before could not like what they have overtaken Minsk was proclaimed the capital of the Belarusian People’s Republic in 1918. And this fact to this day remains for the majority of the inhabitants of Belarus also lurking. Incidentally, Next year we will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the BNR and Belarusians newest capital. And Bolsheviks were obliged to declare January 1, 1919 the creation of the Byelorussian SSR, with its capital in Minsk. But already February 27, 1919 Metropolitan management zlilo BSSR Lithuanian SSR Lithuanian Byelorussian SSR, with its capital in Vilnius. However, under the blows of the Polish army is an artificial entity in the same year fell apart.
And with forced renewal of BSSR in 1920 it again became the capital of Minsk. Belarus separation between Russia and Poland in the 1921 municipal border was between Minsk and Cancer. Recently the second World War in 1939, the management of the BSSR was preparing to transfer the capital to Mogilev, away from the border to the Polish state. Only joining the Western Belarus Mogilev made foolish option. But then there were rumors about the transfer of the capital of the BSSR in Vilna. And here to help Minsk came, surprisingly, Stalin. He has promoted the fact that ordered the transfer Vilnius to Lithuania. "
Rakytskyy: "And what would happen if I did not become the capital of Minsk? Either turnover would somehow different story Belarus?"
Shibeko: ‘We would have neither the capital nor the country, while the Belarusian land would pilfered pieces adjoining country. In certain criteria of 1918-1920 our capital could become Minsk only when all of this, only Russian capital. Another thing, if the Belarusian people had a choice, then it would become a state capital Vilnius. And it has contributed to the occurrence of Belarus to the European Alliance, and means she would be a completely different historical perspective. Minsk became the capital, made Belarus Russian periphery. "Rakytskyy:" What is the reason that a huge number of centuries Minsk mysteries still remain unsolved? "
Shibeko: "There shall be no study of urban landscapes. Sacrament abandoned town assigns network of underground tunnels that connected the temples of the XVII century in the Upper town, in what is now Liberty Square. Beginner researched and prymestsi capital. Ghost Mrs Jadwiga-drowned this time from time to time behold the overnight guests Loshitsa park. lovely lady Belarusian territory, sovereign Lyubavskaga wife, killed herself when revealed his deepest love of Count Karl Czapski, mayor of Minsk in 1890-1904 years. Actually not investigated the anti-Soviet resistance in the town in 1920 . While in town was elusive gang cramps that Tipo falls to the ground, or rather hidden in the underground heating pipes of an old hospital near the governor’s park. ought to count in Minsk national loss of Bolshevik rule. Meanwhile even Kurapaty remain lurking. A monument to Stalin, who in the years 1951-1961 towered over today’s October Square, they say, to this day the Bolsheviks hiding somewhere. "
Rakytskyy: "Do you think so?"
Shibeko: "Maybe buried. Anyway, the spec
ter of the Bolshevik leader hitherto wandering around Minsk. Remains unsolved mysterious murder in Minsk in 1948, the famous director Michoels. Enigmas list goes on. They — at every turn. Generally, it must be said that Minsk — city mysterious black magic. According to common sense it occasionally difficult to understand. "
Rakytskyy: "And yet — why?"
Shibeko: "Apparently, the place is. The city was founded next to a swamp, which protects it from enemy attacks. With davneshnih times on the shore was an ancient temple Svislochi, where he grew the mighty oak that healed people. At the moment, in this place — the restaurant "The old way." Here, in the former suburban village Krupce, in 1612 came the miraculous appearance of the icon of Our Lady Moms betrothed later Krupitsky icon of Our Lady Mother. In the same area the miraculous fontanelle, which flowed out of the altar of the church of the Holy Virgin, built in the 1850s and dismantled logs on local farmers in 1936. "Rakytskyy:" How would you have honored the 940th anniversary of Minsk , if I had to power? "
Shibeko: "Put a monument Menesk."
There is a legend, as if starting from Minsk Menesk strongman, once in the area of today’s hotel "Belarus" has built an extraordinary mill where pebbles grind flour and those lured settlers. And it would immediately monument irrationalism that is so significantly different from Europeans Belarusians.

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