Borodin refused to support the liquidators of Chernobyl

"This is a negative response to our proposal on the need of legislative initiative of the Committee Union countries on the conservation benefits to participants of liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy in Belarus ", — said Alexander Volchanin.
Proclamation signed by more than 800 participants of the Chernobyl tragedy. All these people outraged by the cancellation in Belarus monetary compensation for the lost health. They require the same level of real support that exists at the moment in Belarus.
"Secretary" Allied countries "Pavel Borodin otpasoval our appeal to the Ministry of Emergencies of Belarus", — says Alexander Volchanin.
Currently preparing for the liquidators protests Moscow:
"We want to hold a rally on the square near the old cabinet boxes sovereign Borodin. Bureaucrats should hear what they are eating more money than we require for healing and medicine."
• "liquidators" denied registration 04.07.2007

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