Brest Institute teachers are forced out of the Free Trade Union?

Office of the Institute has conducted such conversations with 4 persons among them docents and candidates of sciences. They were called to the conversation first provost Mrs. Sender. Some of them write a letter of resignation from the union, so as not to lose their jobs, others negotiate, consult a lawyer and the Free Trade Union Branch Manager Valentine Lazarenkova.
Lazarenkov: "Say, is not compatible to be in our union and engage in educational activities. Now here I am preparing an appeal to the minister of education, whether it is really so."
The Emperor himself Lazarenkov a year earlier was dismissed from the Brest State University, but remained on the trade union office. Legality of his dismissal has undergone review by the courts of all levels in Belarus. By him, currently preparing documents for submission to international courts.
Ms. Sender declined to comment that the trade unions. According to her, she "said sp.Lazarenkavu all already."
Rector of the Institute Mieczyslaw Chesnovski referred to employment and did not answer the question whether indeed the Institute conducted such discussions.

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