Citations past: Lukashenka: If you respect me so, take a small frame and put on your desktop

"Plotka Wilenska" on this week 1907 under the heading "Proclamation," writes: "A widow who for a time gained a petty different mobility and a significant amount of real estate, longs to marry a" radical Russian man " that has good position, nice, cute, good looking and that is not inferior to advance extinguished a dead man. "
"Free Belarus" on this week 1917 notes: "As people will claim our own Belarusian schools, if they had never beheld neither dog nor in this case does not think? How can you ask the people about whether we need, for example, that even those laboratories where work and life scientists dig? Black people always will say that — no. And it’s a weird habit of people sent to the people where it is absolutely to things. "
Under the heading "Quoter" newspaper "Name" in 1997 resulting pieces interview Alexander Lukashenko Russian television show "Absolutely Secret": "I swear to you that from Belarus Zyuganov has not received a penny! .." Komsomolskaya Pravda ", it seems that even a named sum — 10 millions of dollars. Yes, I was hung up for 10 million to … This for me is huge funds — I would be in their best three stadiums back! Not so long ago I ordered to remove all of my portraits in the offices of officials. Well, if you respect me so, take a small frame and put on your desktop. "

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